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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter/Spring Wreath-redo

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Happy Easter guys!!

I've had 2 children down with strep this week.....no fun at all, because it's both my girls.
Sydney got it Tuesday & missed 3 days of school & took Michaela to the Dr yesterday and yep now she has it too. I'm crossing my fingers that Jackson & Landon don't get it. 
So Easter will be celebrated with Amoxil-poor guys.
Here is my latest crafty decor piece-finished before the sickness crept in the house

I wanted to quickly post my Easter/Spring Wreath before Easter is gone.
 I saw a wreath I fell in love with over at the adventures of nick and jessica but there was no tutorial to go along with it so here is what I did:

First I started with a winter wreath from Target I've had for 3-4 years and
 I wanted to update it for the Spring.
I used
an old wreath
plastic eggs
latex paint
foam brushes
paper plate
small paint brush

First I removed the berries & frosted sticks that were glued into the wreath.
 So it looked like this

Then I took 3 oops paint samples(.50 each woohoo!) that I had purchased from Home Depot.
There was brown, blueish gray, & a cream color paint.
I painted 1 layer of solid color on each of the eggs with a foam brush & placed them on a paper plate to dry over night. You will get paint on your fingers btw.

Then I repeated that process again, touching up any spots that had dried to the plate & peeled away.

At this point I thought all of the paint would end up peeling off and revealing the colored, plastic eggs beneath.
I decided to keep going and just see how things turned out.  I suppose if I had more colors of spray paint on hand I would've tried that as it would have eliminated the peeling of the latex paint.

Then I was ready for my accents,
all I did was dip the narrow, wood end of my thin paint brush into an opposite color and either put dots or 

just swept back & forth over the egg, depending on the look I wanted.

 I left a few solid, & some I even went back and put some more paint of the 3rd color in the same manner.

I really love how these were looking!

I took pieces of raffia and started weaving it through,
piece by piece into my wreath.

Once I achieved the look I imagined with the raffia, it was time to add some eggs!

I carefully opened the eggs and placed a piece of raffia at the hinge and snapped it back tightly.

I tied the raffia with the egg attached on to the wreath, spacing as desired.

I thought the opening of the wreath was a bit too open & bare, so I added a cluster of eggs.

I did this by attaching 1 egg to the raffia, as described above,
making sure it was in the center of the piece of raffia.
Then I crossed the raffia & added 2 more eggs in the same fashion. and tied that to the wreath, leaving some length in the raffia so it could hang freely.
I took the extra length of the raffia (after I tied each egg to the wreath)
and weaved that through the wreath as well.

Finally I took a bunch of raffia and just tied a bow at the bottom of the wreath


I was going to add some purple silk flowers but didn't have any on hand, then thought a purple bow but since I have not learned how to make a bow from ribbon yet
I opted for the raffia.

Very earthy and a completely different look from what I started with.
And After:
And see how it fills that empty spot over the mantle so well =D

Do you like it?


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  1. I think this wreath is fabulous. Even though Easter is over I would still hang this all spring! So pretty! Following you now!
    504 Main

  2. @Holly Holly, thanks so much! Yeah I made it for Easter with the eggs & all but then thought why not use it for Spring too? It's hanging in my family room & think it adds a little warmth to the room. Welcome friend!

  3. This is so cute! I love the way you painted all of your eggs. You could definitely keep this up all spring.

  4. Love Love LOVE this wreath! It is so Springy and I love how you painted the eggs! It reminds me of a pretty nest. I will be featuring it in the morning, so be sure to come grab a "featured" button!

  5. @Jessica @ O. Alouette Thank you, thank you! Well I had to paint the eggs, because it just wouldn't have been the same if I had kept the original plastic egg colors, haha, right? Thanks for stopping by!

  6. @CrystalAww thank you very much! You are too sweet-You will be the first to feature me! Yay! Thanks so much Crysta!

  7. Hi, friend! I'm admiring all your creative projects here so can you please share them with us at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop? I hope to see you there at the party :)

  8. @SJ @ Homemaker On A DimeHello, thanks for the invite, I will be sure to stop by. Thanks again!

  9. Your wreath looks wonderful! I love the eggs and the earthy tones. Thank you for sharing.


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