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Hi, I'm Cameron (aka Iffy), a stay at home mother to 4 beautiful children. My family is my life! I am not crafty by nature....but I am learning =D I will share my experiences with you(good & bad) with crafts, DIY, cooking, and life. I say what's on my mind, and remain honest, it's just who I am. Love it or leave it =D So follow me and see my progress as I document my journey, and If All Else Fails....at least you have gained a friend and gotten some great tips or maybe learned something new along the way!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Giveaway from Sebastian Signs ~ Purusa Dream Extract ~NOW CLOSED

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This Giveaway is NOW CLOSED, thank you for all who entered! Be sure to stop by often to see
what I will be giving away next.
Congratulations to our winner Lucero entry #8 out of 60, selected at random from rafflecopter.com!
I have emailed the winner. Thank you again to Sebastian Signs!

Good evening. So I know I am so behind on my postings and giveaways
I am going to be posting a bunch in the weeks to come. Be sure to enter them
all, as there is no limit here at Stay At Home Nation to how many giveaways you can win!
Good luck in advance!
This giveaway is from

One lucky reader will win a full sized bottle of Purusa Dream Extract
30ml spray bottle retail price $28
If you have a hard time getting a peaceful night's rest, you should give this a try.
I am a big believer of natural fragrance oils/essential oils for all sorts of ailments,
homemade air fresheners, and aromatherapy.  The Purusa Dream Extract is a pillow
spray, so you lightly mist your pillow(1-2 pumps). When you lay down, the unique blend of
Clary Sage, Bergamot, & Sandalwood prepare your mind, body, and soul for a relaxing night's sleep.
It is not just limited to spraying your pillows, the scent is so crisp and alluring you want to climb into bed, so spray it on your sheets, the air, and even your pjs.
I even spray the kid's pillows sometimes, especially when it's been a very trying day and I know rest will do them good :)  I like to think it helps keep them dreaming peacefully.
So now here's how YOU can win your very own bottle of Purusa Dream Extract.
Simply fill out the rafflecopter form below(make sure you follow Stay At Home Nation via Bloglovin).
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You have until May 1st to get your entries in, remember the more you enter, the better your chances of winning are! A winner will be selected at random and will be contacted within 3 days of the end of the giveaway via email, so be sure you leave it.
Thank you again to Sebastian Signs
Good Luck
Much Love!

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Revolt Blogger ~ Week 7 ~ aka Week 1 of Revolt 2.0

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Good afternoon, I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend :)
As I have posted about Revolt in the past,  I want to share with you a little
about Revolt 2.0
Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Nichole Huntsman (founder of Revolt Now Fitness)
has found a way.
The family behind Revolt cares about each and every member and their progress. You are not alone on this program and when you have a question about your Revolt journey, there is a place to ask.
But this is nothing new, this is how it's always been.
Here's what's new with Revolt 2.0,
The menu plans are improved to be more accurate for your body type.
The workouts are now explained for 3 levels of difficulty, so no more excuses.
Nichole wants to give you the tools so you can have success too.
It's so simple to get on board, just go here to sign up and then check out the getting started
guide for free while you are there.
For a limited time you can sign up and pay less than $.35 per day.
 I am down another 3 lbs this week.
Leave a comment if you are doing the Revolt program too!
Much love

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Simplify Life ~ How to Detangle Doll Hair

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Oh how beautiful Barbie's hair is when you first take her out of the box......
and before you can say to your daughter,"Pick up all of those little Barbie pieces,
shoes, combs...etc", you notice the massive mop atop Barbie's head. Looks like she had a rough night
of partying or something. Sydney has brought me numerous dolls, asking me to help get the knots out, but 
if you have ever combed/brushed synthetic hair, you know it is nothing like human hair.

So I started asking around & one of my friends told me about this nifty little trick that works 
AmAzInGly!! Thanks Jenn!

Grab your dollies & lets help Barbie bring her sexy back.
(haha I can't believe I just wrote that! lol)

You Will Need
spray bottle
wide toothed comb (or really any comb or brush should do)
fabric softener-liquid
(which I grabbed a bottle at the dollar store, because if it didn't work, then I was only out $1)
doll(s) with tangled, messy hair

OK this is super simple trust me, it's a no brainer.
Put some liquid fabric softener into a small spray bottle, I grabbed the one I use with water when giving haircuts to the fam.  I added a little water(like I turned the faucet on then immediately back off), so it was really just a splash. Honestly, I think you can skip this step, I just didn't know, so I was experimenting. It worked perfectly, so there was no need to try anything different.  So you hold the spray bottle about 5 inches away from the doll & lightly spritz. You do not need to saturate the hair, just dampen it. Then comb through. I combed the same way I do my daughters(& my) hair, by starting at the bottom & brush to the ends, then go up a little from when I started before & comb to the ends, and continue this until you are at the top of the head & can brush through all the way to the ends without a snag. If the comb skips or snags(sorry don't know the correct term) then give it a spritz of the liquid fabric softener. Now you can style as desired & let air dry.

How simple is that?!? 
I love this for the dolls because now they can have nice, smooth hair again.
Please feel free to pin this, & comment below if you try this~ I'd love to hear how you like it!
Thanks for reading!

Much Love

Side note=*I know the above doll is a Bratz not a Barbie, but they all have the same type of knot-prone, synthetic hair, don't they?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Revolt Blogger ~ Week 6 ~ Regrowing Your Lettuce Hearts

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So a couple of weeks ago one of the women in the private Revolt Fb group
posted a tip that you could regrow your own romaine lettuce. I thought it sounded so cool,
especially since I'm not much of a green thumb.
So basically when you get to the end of your romaine heart, you put it in a dish with about an inch of water, which you change out the water every day.  You can read more about it from someone who is well into growing their own romaine here. There are pictures showing how fast it grows on there too.
They say that you can do the same with celery and green onions too.....
so I thought hmm, I wonder if it would work for the red leaf lettuce I had just separated from the heart?
So cool! I know it's not much, but it's a start, plus it'll save me a little cash too once I get a few more going. I have a new pack of romaine I'm excited to use so I can start those too, and hey why stop there? I'm going to have to try the celery, and other varieties of lettuce and stalk type vegetables
too. How fun.
Have you ever tried to regrow from a stalk or end of a vegetable? If so, what was it
& did you have success?
Oh and if you haven't checked out Revolt Now Fitness yet,
what are you waiting for. This week starts the 1st week in the next 6 week uprising, called Revolt 2.0.
Nichole Huntsman continues to improve the program and let me tell you, these next 6 weeks are going to be amazing! I am ready to shape up and I will be sharing my progress with you too.
Much Love


Revolt Blogger ~ Week 5 ~ Some Important Tools You Will Need Before You Get Started

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OK, so you know I have been doing the Revolt Fitness program
with Nichole Huntsman and as a result I am getting leaner and stronger as a result. Tonight I just want to let you in on some key items you will need to help make
your journey a success!
So before I started, I saw that Nichole recommends a few items to help you measure your progress.
1-a standard scale
2-body fat calipers
3-measuring tape(one that is flexible for circumference measurements)
I thought OK, cool I already have a scale and the measuring tape that should be good enough right?
Well, no.  After the second week, I didn't see anymore movement on the scale as I had during the detox week. I saw all of the other (let's call them) Revolters losing body fat and having huge success.
Yes, OK I've had a few slip ups from time to time but I knew in order to stay motivated, I had to get some calipers.
Here's what they look like:
Sorry it's so small but when I enlarge it, it gets all pixelated but you get the idea :)
Anyways, so I went on my search to find a pair of these manual body fat calipers......
I tried GNC,
Vitamin World
Academy Sports
Dick's Sporting Goods
.....but none of them carried any type of fat calipers.
So I ordered a pair off of ebay and after another week went by, and I still had no idea what kind of
lean muscle I was gaining, but more importantly I had no true numbers in how much fat I was losing.
Something I was caught off guard with was the extra expenses of the program, which with a family of six, we really need to budget for certain things.
So when everyone was showing off their HRM(heart rate monitors) and how many calories they were burning, I started looking into purchasing one of those.
The brand most of the Revolters are using is Polar. Before Revolt Fitness, I had not even heard of the brand or even used one for that matter. These Polar HRM have different models, and colors, and prices. It can be very confusing for someone with no real knowledge of these types of fitness tools.
So, again I mention the Revolt private Facebook community. I asked which one I should get & why and the replies were exactly what I needed, honest reviews from people who are in the program.
I narrowed down options I needed/could live without and I decided a mid priced model ft7 which retails for around $100(higher models are $130-$150).
I found this one on Amazon.com but at $89, it was still too steep for me to swing financially. 
So I waited, and looked around at some stores, and waited,
 and then out of nowhere the price dropped another $20.
Again, another Revolter mentioned she purchased this model on Amazon the week before
and loved it. She said she got hers for $25, when I looked it was down to $16 so I snagged one of those too.  She said it was easy to use and accurate, which is definitely a bonus since people had reported the manual calipers to be hard to figure out. For those of you live in Utah, Nichole has hosted body fat measuring get-togethers. That's great to have an expert measure you so you know your numbers are correct, but for me....Georgia is a little far away.
I wouldn't have gone for the digital one because Nichole says they aren't as accurate, but since
there was someone in the group who had used it and said it was, I thought it was better than nothing.
Especially when I still had not received the manual caliper I had ordered a couple of weeks prior.
So I received my Polar ft7 HRM on Friday and my digital caliper should be here by Tuesday.
I am so excited to see the difference in using the correct tools and collecting the combined data to see my true progress!
 What is the number one tool you have found to be the most useful in your weight loss journey?
I'd love to hear what has helped you, for me I know seeing the progress will certainly help me stay on track and motivated.
Much Love


Friday, April 5, 2013

Revolt Blogger ~ Week 4 ~ I am Getting Stronger!

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It's really an amazing thing to feel yourself getting stronger.
I've never been a big workout kinda girl. I mean, after Jackson was born
-boom, I went right back down to my pre-pregnancy weight without even trying. That was 14 years ago though, a lot has changed since then. But even when Sydney was born, almost 9 years ago, same thing just took a little longer- maybe 3 months. Again though, I didn't workout and I ate what I wanted.
Perhaps that has caught up with me over the years? I'm not sure but after Michaela was born my body didn't have enough time to lose the weight(even if I tried) before I was pregnant with Landon. I gained 40lbs with each pregnancy and have tried a few diets here and there after the last 2 were born, but none have stuck. Either that, or I haven't been able to fully commit.
My husband and I have been switching out the food we were used to purchasing with healthier options. Opting for about 80% being produce, trying to buy from Trader Joe's more often, and staying away from processed foods(pretty much anything that comes in a box). I think those small
changes have made a huge impact on our family.
But I still needed more, more direction, more exercise, more support.
That's where Revolt came in to play.
Nichole Huntsman has made me stronger,
with her daily video workouts-she has made my body stronger,
with her weekly meal plans-she has made me stronger/more aware about what food is OK or not,
with her facebook community-she(and all of the members) have helped me to not give up,
and that has made a huge difference because the support is like nothing I've ever had before with a diet or program.
These are Nichole's before and after pictures
I feel like I have improved so much in such a short amount of time(4 weeks to be exact).
My brain, body, and health are so much stronger as a result of this Revolt and
I am grateful to everyone who has been a part of it and made it happen!
I still have a ways to go, but I feel, for once that my goals are well within reach!
Much Love

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