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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Revolt Blogger ~ Wink ShapeWear Review

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Wink ShapeWear helps to give the appearance of a slimmer body. Whether you are
in the process of losing weight, have an outfit you want to fit better in, or have just had a baby there is something for everyone-even men. You can check out all of what they have to offer here.
I reviewed the Wink Tummy Tucker Tank-in white.
 I had requested a black one as I wear more dark colored clothing and was not informed a white one was being sent. The color doesn't affect the performance of the item, but it was something I noticed right off the bat. The white tank is on sale currently for $45, down from $64.99. So it's a great time to buy if you are looking for a slimming top.
I really like that it comes down pretty love, and actually sits low on the hips which is nice. I was kinda expecting it to just push the fat down and out to wherever the edge was, but it didn't. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it slimmed my sides (aka muffin top). Nothing hung over which was great. The stomach portion seemed to not compress as well as the sides, but still you could definitely see a difference. It was not uncomfortable to wear, and I did not feel like my insides were being squished too tight or that I was being tortured. It also has a nice thick band around the bottom edge which helps to keep it from riding up while you're wearing it, which is another nice feature.
Here is the product description "
Slim that tummy, blast that belly with Wink's longer tank top that sits below the hips. This longer tank top compresses lower abdomen area and hips that goes to work, to the club with jeans or just to the gym. Sleek, with a low-cut back, our tank top assures just the right support and flatters every figure. Cool, crisp, and clean. "

If you would like to win a Wink ShapeWear Tummy Tucker Tank for yourself,
one will be given away in the Fit Into Summer Giveaway, along with
many other awesome prizes, value at over $1,000. Open to U.S. residents and ends Monday, there will be 3 winners, so hurry over here to enter the simple form & good luck!
Thanks again to Wink ShapeWear.
You can find Wink on Facebook and Twitter.
 I was provided a Tummy Tucker Tank for review purposes.
All opinions are 100% honest and mine.

Friday, June 7, 2013

GreenTime Bags Review

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I received a product to review from GreenTime Bags recently. 

This product is included in
the Fit Into Summer Giveaway (which ends June 10) so there's still time for you to win you very own, along with many other great products. Go HERE to enter.

• Pvc, Phthalate, lead and Bpa free
• Eliminates the use of 1000s of plastic baggies
• Convenient, stylish and fun way to carry sandwiches and snacks
• Prints available for kids, teens, women and men
• The bags are great for dry or wet snacks.
• Even 24 hours after the food has been put in the bag, the food is as fresh as when it first went in the bag.
• Very easy and convenient to use and care for.
• Machine Or Hand Washable
• The design makes the bags easy to open and keeps the velcro away from the food.
• The design keeps the contents inside of the bag.
• These bags are great for lunches, picnics, family outings, quick trips.
• Made in Wisconsin
This is the one I received
I think it's very cute, don't you? It doesn't seal like a zip top bag, but you can put wet or dry items in it. The inside material is soft but looks like the inside of an insulated lunch box, which means if you put something wet (like oranges, berries, sliced kiwi to name a few) in it, then it won't seep through the material and to the outside of the bag or to the contents of the rest of your lunch. It easily washes in the dishwasher too!
These are great for all ages, whether you are taking your food on the go, packing your kid's lunch or snacks for school or camps, or just taking some items to the park or the zoo. It keeps food fresh for 24 hours and they come in a variety of sizes and designs.

 You can even have it personalized with your name in it!
GreenTime Bags is a great addition to green living.
Thanks again to GreenTime Bags for participating in the Fit Into Summer Giveaway-enter here.
Much Love
All opinions are 100% honest and mine. I was provided a GreenTime sandwich bag for review.



Guest Post ~ Parenting: Stay Consistent and Avoid Gray Areas

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Good morning, today I would like to welcome Jenny Daniels as a first time guest blogger
on Stay At Home Nation.
"Making the right choices for your kids is relative. There is not a right way and a wrong, when it comes to parenting there is a lot of gray area. For someone who likes things black and white, I often find myself stuck wondering what the right choice is.

Deciding what is black and white for your family is crucial in avoiding messy gray areas. For example, when will you stop breastfeeding? At what age will the binky go?

We have all seen the parent that is afraid to let go, change is inevitable and should be embraced. Just be prepared for the upcoming changes and stick to your guns. The most important thing your children need to see is consistency. No means no and there shouldn't be a temper tantrum that changes that.

Discuss parenting regularly with your partner; often there will need to be a middle ground. If mom wants bedtime at 8 and dad thinks 9 is appropriate, go with 8:30. If Sarah sees that you are not on the same page as dad, she will learn how to manipulate the situation in her favor.

This may seem like simple advice, but often children look at one parent as the disciplinarian and the other as the nurturer. It is great to have these roles, but it is important that the one who nurtures stands behind the disciplinarian. This is not only for the best benefit of little Sarah, but for your relationship with your spouse as well.

Just as one parent is seen more as the disciplinarian, one is seen as more frugal than the other. It is natural to be attracted to an opposite; otherwise there would be no balance in the world. But teaching Sarah how to handle money is important and finding boundaries with your hubby can help your child to appreciate the value of a dollar. Something as simple as implementing a house rule that nothing extra can be bought without a coupon.

This may seem extremely ridiculous, but kids look for stability and consistency, this goes down to every little detail and if they see a break in patterns they will learn how to work you and this will result in children who have no solid direction.

Being on the same page cannot always be planned for. There are situations that will arise that you never expected. In moments like this, don't make rash decisions. Talk it over with your spouse and come up with a common solution.

An example we recently faced revolved around some holiday shopping. Sarah is now 14 and interested in the tradition of Black Friday shopping with her friends. Men may not understand this, but shopping for deals on Black Friday are sort of a coming of age tradition in our home that isn't unlike your first concert or your first trip around the parking lot in dad's car. However, this particular "want" was met with some resistance from my husband. He thinks the crowds, the long lines and the utter pandemonium of Black Friday make the trip a hassle and a safety concern.  Sarah gets a sort of "Black Friday party" that involves her friends, their laptops and some great online deals. We get the satisfaction that they're safe, and in a controlled environment. Everyone wins.

Whatever your parenting style is, I am sure you have been thinking about it since long before children entered your life. Things may have to be altered in order to stay on track with your hubby. Be open to his ideas, as there is not one right and one wrong.

Thank you Jenny for your parenting advice.
Much Love

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