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Friday, April 1, 2011

Peace, Love, & Tree Frogs Umbrella

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So with all of this rain we've been having(every single day this week so far), it really inspired me to customize my 6 yr old daughter's umbrella.  
This is what I came up with
   Peace, Love, & Tree Frogs  =D
So let me show you how to avoid the mistakes I made. 
You will need: an umbrella
freezer paper
x-acto knife (unless you have a cutting machine)
spray paint(that can be used on fabric)

OK so let's begin!
 First I found the images I wanted through google search then I traced them and cut them out.
Next, I placed them where I wanted them on the umbrella and with my iron on the lowest setting(mine says nylon) .....BUT
this did not work out so well, as the edges kept curling up.  This was all a trial & error project for sure, as I did not even know if the umbrella could withstand the heat of the iron.
I hesitantly upped the setting on the iron(to cotton) as I did when I made freezer paper stenciled boys t shirts
This worked perfectly.
My original plan was to spray straight bleach onto it next......
I did have the doubt if it would work or not since the umbrella is water resistant, and bleach is well, a liquid.
That is how it looked, just beaded up but no bleaching going on after about 30 minutes or so.
So then I tried spray fabric paint thinking that would work better perhaps?
So I was looking at a can of spray paint I had purchased for a future project and on the back it said it works on fabric.  Really?  I mean I have never even used spray paint before but certainly didn't know it could be used on fabric.....I'm not sure I even know how that would work. So anyways, my husband said he had a can of white, since I wasn't thinking ORB would look so hot. 
This is what I used:
(sorry for the blurry picture)
I took it outside and sprayed a light couple of sprays over each stencil.....
waited 20 minutes, 
and then sprayed a little more.

This time I let it dry for an hour and then started the big reveal
How cute!  So this was pretty simple after I figured it out, and though I could have made it look better I'm sure, I just didn't have the extra time.  
Here is the finished project
My daughter loves frogs & peace signs so I think she is gonna get a kick outta this!

My friend, Stephanie, over at Full of Great Ideas is having a link party today.  It's all about crafts you made from items you already had on hand(such as this project).
So check it out!

Let me know what you think! Until next time...




  1. I can't believe the steps you took to get this to work! That is commitment but it looks great! I am tired of spending a fortune on the kid themed umbrellas only for my guys to destroy them...this is a great solution. It would be a great birthday gift for all the parties my guys go to too! Customized umbrellas with the birthday child's name. AMAZING!
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring :)

  2. @Stephanie Thank you! That's what my blog is about...trial & error haha


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