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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crafting Kiddies Sunday #1 ~ Easter Egg Garland

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This past weekend my 2 older kiddies & I had a little craft time together.
It was great, and they really enjoyed it so we may have to make it a weekly thing around here =D
This is one of 2 crafts we tackled.
Easter Egg Garland.

I have been making lots of trips(which the Mr. loves) to Lowes & Home Depot lately, so picking up paint chips was no problem at all. 
 I came across the idea from Modern Parents Messy Kids. Check out her tutorial there.
This is a super easy & fun Easter project to do with the kiddies.
Here's what you will need:
paint chips(assorted colors)
waxed linen cord
pencil(not pictured)
something sharp to poke the holes in the paint chips(I used a protractor)
oh and kiddies of course
First, I drew an egg shape on one of the paint chips & cut it out. 
I used this one as my stencil & tossed it once all the eggs were traced as you don't want pencil on the edges of your garland.  (I traced on the backs of the paint chips too btw same reason)
Once they were all cut out(which I did so they would be more egg shaped & consistent in size), 
I then punched 2  level holes through the front of the egg.
I took a piece of the waxed linen cord and tied a double knot at the end. 
You thread each egg the same by pushing the cord up through the back, across the front & back down the other hole to the back.
Then we had an assembly line going, 
I would poke the holes in the eggs,

Jackson would thread the cord through,
Sydney would scoot each egg down the string towards the knot end
and Michaela....
would keep everyone in line.

It's always nice to see your children helping one another,
until it turns into a battle of who's doing it wrong, or someone starts being bossy...
 it was nice for a minute =D
So continue threading & scooting the eggs until you have them all on there
or at least as many as you want.
(there's no magic number just depends on how you want them spaced, how many you have, etc)

Here's my before

 and my after

Very simple & very cute.

I tied a knot on the other end & strung it up across the front hall mirror with some sticky tack...
which it keeps falling down 
.any suggestions so I don't have to fix the fallen garland 3 times a day?




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