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Monday, November 28, 2011

My Favorite Things Friday Link Party ~ #20 Better Late Than Never :D

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Okay, Okay I know it's Monday, but I completely forgot about the party!
Must have been the turkey, or the shopping, or the 5 days off, well
with the kiddos out of school at least. We never have "days off" do we Mamas?
Alright so since I'm getting into the holiday mood, this weeks spotlight is
all about Christmas! Check these out

Bath Snowballs from Martha Stewart
These are adorable cake pops from Bakerella
What a pretty mantle (this blogger is no longer blogging)
String Balls from Simple mom, many uses for decorating with these!
Yummy Xmas Tree by Ginger & Garlic
DIY Mud Scrub from adelynSTONE
And these Macaroni Snowflakes look fun from katy elliot

So now it's your turn, link up & have fun!
Please don't link up something you already linked up on
Stay At Home Nation, because I really like seeing new ideas from you all!
Thank you for linking up & if you like my blog & don't follow me already,
now is a great time to start. Plus if you comment below letting me know
you follow then I will follow you back! It's a win-win =D
Speaking of win, I always have cool giveaways going on so check em out too!

Much Love


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Crafting Kiddies Holiday #1 ~ Mr Potato Head Turkey Edition

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I saw this & knew THIS was what my kiddies would
be doing while waiting for Thanksgiving lunch or dinner to be ready.
(Or if they were looking for something to do-this is perfect!)
You can get the free printable templates from Kiki Creates
what a cute blog! I know I'm going to spend some time exploring
what other awesome crafts she has....at some point after all of my Xmas 
shopping is done :)

I just simply printed onto white cardstock & let the older kiddies
carefully cut out the shapes. Then they pieced them together with a dab of white glue.
How adorable!

Much love

Turkey Shirt ~ Guest Posting today at Bella Before & After

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Happy Thanksgiving! I hope
you all get your fill of all the good food today. I 
don't know about you but Thanksgiving is my favorite meal of the year! :0
I'm very excited because today I am guest posting over at Bella Before & After with
a tutorial on making my daughter's cute little turkey shirt
please check it out Here
I apologize for the discoloration & unclear pictures as I took them from my cell
and the detail is not the best. Plus it was pretty dark - so sorry!

Well after I was done with Michaela's shirt, I decided Landon needed
one too.
Sooooooo I made this little guy for him
I tried to lighten it up for you to see but then it got more grainy
but I think you get the gist. (Not sure if that's the right spelling lol)

Anyways I made this little turkey the same way with freezer paper so stop by Bella Before & After
to see my tutorial. And might I add it's my first guest post so
I'm pretty excited! Thanks so much Bella!

I will be posting other Thanksgiving treats throughout the day
so check back for a delicious Pumpkin Pie,
a very cute turkey activity for the kiddos to keep them out of the kitchen,
& maybe another post or two if I find time between visiting my in-laws & their 45 
people gathering, & then visiting my family, & then a trip to Toys R Us
this evening for some Xmas shopping. It's gonna be a busy day so 
I will do my best to post a few goodies for you all. 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Much Love

PS If you haven't entered my jewelry giveaway from One Artsy Mama~ Enter HERE

Monday, November 21, 2011

Giveaway #20 ~ One Artsy Mama Jewelry ~NOW CLOSED

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I don't know about you all but I have been in total holiday shopping mode,
(I think I'm finally done) yippie! Alright, so thank you to everyone who entered & of course to
Amy! The winner is........
#9 ~ Cheryl
Congratulations! I hope you love your jewelry!

Alright, it's giveaway time again! 
Today I have a fabulous giveaway for you from
Amy is the creative lady that is
She has so many beautiful, one of a kind, customizable creations for you to 
fall in love with. 
Take a look
She has rings like this Sheet Music Adjustable Ring,
earrings such as these Pretty in Purple Dangles,
& adorable necklaces like  Sweet Peas in a Pod.
I love that Amy will customize your item to you liking! I was lucky enough to
receive the birds nest to review
which for mine I actually had 4 'eggs' made in mine to represent
my 4 children. This necklace is absolutely adorable, I just LOVE it!
I don't wear jewelry often well because it's not like I'm dressing up just
 to stay at home with the kiddies all day.  When you have little ones climbing on you all day you
don't risk having anything yanked off & broken. But when I do put a necklace on,
 this has been my go-to necklace for the past 2 months. It 
makes me feel like all of my babies near, even when they aren't.  The 
underside of the nest is starting to turn brassy looking though.  Amy uses a tarnish resistant wire
to make the nest, but leave it to me because not so typical things always happen when it
comes to me.  I mean my skin gets burnt looking under my white gold wedding ring for Pete's sake lol.
Anyways let's get on to the giveaway shall we?

One Artsy Mama is letting one of my fabulous readers choose anything in her shop and 
feel free to customize it to your liking too! Isn't that cool?!!

Here's how to enter.......There are MANY ways to enter giving you 
a better chance of WINNING! :)

Follow Stay At Home Nation~leave a comment below whether you are 
a new or old friend (aka reader of my blog & follow) :)

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Open to all US residents, ends November 29, 2011 at midnight.

(The winner will be contacted November 30th so be sure you either leave your email in your comment below or that your email is visible so I can notify you, otherwise I will have to choose a new winner)

And for those of you who want to order something right away then Amy is giving you 10%
when you use the code IFFY10 at checkout. Thanks Amy!
Why not pick out a little something for yourself to drop in your stocking ;)

SO many chances to win this great giveaway, enter now so you don't miss out!
Thank you again to One Artsy Mama!

Good Luck!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Want to be a Guest Blogger??? Then you must read this!

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Hello all the lovely bloggers out there in the blog-o-sphere!
Would you like to be a guest blogger
Stay At Home Nation?

Each month I will select one blogger to have a guest post on my blog.
If you are interested then please email me and I will put you on the list!

 I will then contact the chosen guest blogger at the
start of each month & you can choose when in that month you would like to post
(I may even let you post a couple of times in your chosen month =D)

This is going to be a lot of fun! I can't wait to have you talented bloggers over!
Much love

How much does this cost? ~ Nothing, it's totally free. 
We both get more exposure from it.

What can my post be about? ~ Anything as long as it is a new post for you & not just a copy
paste from a previous post.  You can however spotlight things you have done on your 
blog, or 
post a new recipe or tutorial, 
or post a tip for saving money, design, beauty, 
just as long as it is clean & appropriate! 

How do I get on the running list? ~ Email me at ifallelsefailsthen@gmail.com & I
will add you.....simple as that =D

Do I have to enter every month? ~ No, just one email to me gets you on the list & as
long as you have an active blog when selected then you get to be my guest blogger! 
Pretty cool right?

What other things do the guest bloggers get? ~ Free exposure, a new friend & follower(moi),
possible blog hops(if someone wants to be my first blog hopper bud) 
maybe a special giveaway or so for guest bloggers only!

Who can be a guest blogger? ~ Anyone who has an active blog, and then you would
follow Stay At Home Nation  if you are selected to be a guest blogger. 
(it's the right thing to do if you're posting on my blog)

When does the awesomeness begin? ~ The first guest blogger will be posting in January,
and then a new one every month thereafter, 
so be sure to get on the list today by emailing me at

What kind of information do I need to email? ~ Your email address,
name, a link to your blog, & that you want to be on my Guest Blogger List.

Can I just leave the info in a comment below? ~ Sure but an email would be easier to keep organized. But go ahead if you insist-I'm very flexible.

What if I change my mind? ~ If I contact you, just let me know then. No biggie.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Favorite Things Friday Link Party ~ #19

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Welcome, welcome. Another week coming 
to an end, so I hope you all had a wonderful one!
I, personally am very happy the weekend is here but it is getting pretty chilly all of a sudden.
I wanted to share some great fall ideas with you in this week's
Stay At Home Nation Spotlight, 
so stay warm & enjoy!
Here is a yummy Pot Roast Recipe you should try by yours truly

Learn how to make beautiful wreaths like these from AliLilly with
I know my hands get so red & rough on the tops of my knuckles from the cold, probably
from all of the hand washing. Honestly I have tried so many lotions that didn't help so I am thrilled to 
try this recipe for Homemade Lip Balm & Moisturizer from
This Chick Cooks
Paper & Pigtails has a mouthwatering recipe for
And know the kids would love Breakfast Cookies from 
June Cleaver Nirvana

Now it's time to party, please no links from Halloween this week as
we are well into November now. Let's try to keep it
to fall, winter, Thanksgiving, & Christmas items =D 
Oh & pretty please don't link up something you already linked up on
Stay At Home Nation, because I really like seeing new ideas from you all!
Thank you for linking up & if you like my blog & don't follow me already,
now is a great time to start. Plus if you comment below letting me know
you follow then I will follow you back! It's a win-win =D
Speaking of win, I always have cool giveaways going on so check em out too!

Much Love


Monday, November 7, 2011

Bucket List Getaway Giveaway

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This is my entry into the Just As Bucket List Getaway Giveaway. If you haven't heard of Just Ask, like me...until today, they offer a breast & ovarian cancer screening. They are encouraging people to simply share 15 things that are on your Bucket List as a reminder to take charge of your health.
Do you want to enter too? Check out TodaysMama to get the details!

Wow OK so there are so many things I would like to do before I kick it,
 where to start?   Hmmm 
I'd love to 
1-travel with my family to Australia,  
3-Scotland, & 
4-Italy to name a few.  
5-I want to open a bakery, 
6-learn to sew, 
8-play music on stage again, & 
9-de-clutter my life once & for all 
10-I want to fall in love with my husband all over again each & every day until forever. 
11-I want to have a special bond with each one of my children, that they will always remember, 
& know that I am always here for them. 
12-I want to own a black & silver Dodge Viper & 
13-any color Audi R8.  
14-I want to pay it forward to as many children that don't have families as I can 
15-I want to be the best wife & mother that I can be & give everything I have to give to my family
Thanks for this awesome giveaway it really got me thinking.
So I'd love to know what's on your "list" too so
feel free to comment below.

Oh & my Safety Tat Giveaway has been extended until 11/14 so enter Here
Much love

Friday, November 4, 2011

My Favorite Things Friday Link Party ~ #18

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Sorry for the delay of this morning's party, but I've been down
with a cold or flu, not sure which but not feeling so hot & this cough hurts.
Enough about me, let's look at this week's
Stay At Home Nation Spotlight

Don't these Crispy Smashed Potatoes look so yummy!?! I came across them
on a blog I found called Caramel Potatoes-check it out.
Not sure what to do with all of that Halloween candy? Well
the Seven Year Cottage shared this Honey Nut Harvest Mix
And yes I know Halloween is behind us, I couldn't pass up this super crafty,
super cute Scuba Diver Costume from Artsy-Fartsy Mama

 THANK YOU to to all who linked up! If you were in this
week's Stay At Home Nation Spotlight grab my button
& post it proudly on your blog because you deserve it!
So here's a quick rundown of what I'd like to see at my party:

*Please link back to Stay At Home Nation somewhere on your blog.
*Don't just link & run, visit a few others & let them know where you saw them.
*If you like my blog & my parties then why not follow?
Plus I will follow you back if you post a comment below letting me know you do.
*Enjoy, have fun, & link  up as many as you want this week =D

Don't forget my Giani Granite Countertop Paint Giveaway ending 11/07~ENTER HERE
& ending 11/08
win a pack of Quick Stick Write On Child ID tats from SafetyTat~ENTER HERE

I can't wait to see what you guys have to share this week!

Much Love


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Giveaway #19 SafetyTat ~ends 11/14

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I am very protective of my children, you may even call
it over protective & it won't hurt my feelings. 
But honestly guys, there are a lot of crazy people out there in the world these days.
This week I have a giveaway from Safety Tat
Here's what it is- a temporary child identification tag that is latex-free,
water & sweat proof, non toxic, & hypoallergenic.
I tried a 3 pack of the quick stick, write on safety tats.
These were perfect for Michaela (my 2 year old) since she doesn't sit still for too long.
They were quick & easy to apply, then with the included marker I wrote both mine
& my husband's cell phone numbers on it as there was plenty of room.
She thought it was pretty cool, since hers had a cute little mouse on it.

SafetyTat comes in a few different kinds, depending on your needs.
They have the Original Safety Tat which goes on with water like the temporary tats you are
probably familiar with. These are pre printed with 1 line of customization  so you
don't have to write it out each time.
They also offer medical alert & allergy tats as well in case your child has a peanut
allergy & you want to make sure he isn't accidentally given something with
peanuts in it at say a birthday party or a field trip. 
What a great idea!

And if you have a phone that scans, then the Safety Tat QR may be ideal for you.
You can even give your little angels an extra special tat to remind them that you
are thinking of them on say their first day of school or on a big test day
with these Tat Kisses (they have thumbs up from dads)

So cute!
If you want something super personalized, then you can use the 
Tat Builder to select your own colors, images, etc to make it your own.

OK so what a great product, to just give you an extra peace of mind when you are not
with your children, or even if you are. A child can get a way from you
in the blink of an eye  & with Safety Tat you know your child has your contact info
right there. They are perfect for a child who has just moved & 
haven't learned their phone number yet.
These are great for amusement parks, crowded places, field trips,
and so much more! They can even be used on the elderly & mentally disabled!

And now Safety Tat is giving one of my awesome followers a 
Quick Stick Write On multi design 3 pack!

Here's how to enter:
You must follow me(aka join my blog) located on the sidebar
publically via gfc AND then leave a comment below with which design is your favorite from 
*******************************Additional ways to enter********************************
(Leave a comment for each entry!)

Follow me on twitter @StayAtHomeIffy =1 entry
Follow me on Pinterest here =2 entries
Post my button on the sidebar of your blog (located at the top of my sidebar) =3 entries
Blog about this giveaway =2 entries(each day you do)
Tweet or @mention about this giveaway =1 entry(each day you do)
Post a comment on your facebook about this giveaway =1 entry(each day you do)leave a url

Open to all US & Canada residents, ends November 14, 2011 at midnight.

SO many chances to win this awesome giveaway, enter now so you don't miss out!
Thank you again to Safety Tat!
The winner will be contacted November 15th, so make sure you leave your email or that you have it visible.

Right NOW you can receive a 10% discount off a purchase of $15 or more
when you use the code StayatHomeNation at checkout. 
*The code is case sensitive & good through November 11, 2011*

Thanks for entering
Good Luck!

I was provided a 3 pack of the quick stick write on safety tats for review but all opinions are 100% mine
& honest.
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