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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

RSV & my little man

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I have not posted in a week due to lack of time & energy.
We don't get sick often, but when we get sick......go all out.
So last week 4 out of 6 of us were sick......no fun at all.
This is Landon, he tested positive for RSV last week, 
so we've been doing breathing treatments 3 times a day since then.
It's fairly common but typically in the winter months, they say.  It can be hard on infants and feel like a really bad cold in older kids & adults.
Apparently when Sydney came down with strep, she had RSV too, 
which she then passed to Michaela, 
and then I thought I was coming down with strep too,
 so the 3 of us were on antibiotics.
After 4 days, I wasn't feeling any relief, but the girls were fever free & on the mend.
Then Landon started with a stuffy, stuffy nose which progressed overnight
into a chesty cough.
The next evening he had a rattle in his chest & was wheezing.
I of course didn't get much sleep that night as my husband was at work & I was worried about my baby.
The next morning we took him to the Dr.  
Since they said it's highly unlikely for a child under 3 to have strep
(even though my 19 month old tested positive for strep just days prior),
they swabbed his itty bitty nose.
He tested positive for RSV.
It's a virus so it has to run its course, but his was more advanced than normal. 
The treatments are helping him out so much though!
It makes him yawn quite a bit
And sometimes he tries to swat it away or pull the string
All in all he is in good spirits & does really good with the treatments.  
When the nurse was showing me how to use the nebulizer, she couldn't
believe with 4 kids I had never had to use one.
Call me lucky (or a germ-a-phobe)
but my kiddies have stayed pretty healthy throughout their lives.
Knock on wood =D



  1. Poor baby.. My 2 month old had RSV, not FUN!! He ended up in the hospital on oxygen for 4 nights. It's scary for wee newborns, cuz if their lungs get too tired to breathe, the lungs just stop.
    Glad your little guy is over it without a hospital stay. :)

  2. @BizzyMomYou just hate to see any of your babies not running at 100% & when it comes to breathing whether it's asthma, RSV, or something else it is scary. Glad that is behind me & glad yours is all better too =D


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