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Hi, I'm Cameron (aka Iffy), a stay at home mother to 4 beautiful children. My family is my life! I am not crafty by nature....but I am learning =D I will share my experiences with you(good & bad) with crafts, DIY, cooking, and life. I say what's on my mind, and remain honest, it's just who I am. Love it or leave it =D So follow me and see my progress as I document my journey, and If All Else Fails....at least you have gained a friend and gotten some great tips or maybe learned something new along the way!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Favorite Things Friday Link Party ~ #16 Lucky You

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OK honestly I have a few projects that are done but I haven't 
had time to postjust yet.
 I know I have neglected my blog here lately
by lack of crafts, recipes, & diy.
  SO sorry about that,
just been down with my back & busy with life.
I have been making sure my parties go on as planned & that my giveaways
run on time because I know you all deserve it! 

Thank you for reading my blog & checking in each week whether it is to enter 
to win or to party =D
It is apparent though however, 
that I need to find a new process for posting because it is 
taking entirely too long to edit pictures, watermark, link, & then of course 
put the words down. 

After 6 months of blogging I have finally decided to ask for help.
Yes being the stubborn(my parents call it hard-headed) woman that I am
I often put up the "I can do anything on my own" wall.
So now I would like to reach out to all my fellow bloggers
and ask for any tips/tools/advice that make your life as a blogger easier. 

I would really appreciate the help & support my friends.
You can comment or email me directly

My Favorite Things Party this week is another
anything goes party. Lucky you! =D
It's been a long week, and I still have birthday party things to do 
for Michaela(who turned 2 today), I am doing a project tomorrow with Sydney's
2nd grade class tomorrow (see what I'm talking about?-Long Week)
anyways lots to do & not enough time to do it all.  
I know you can relate. 
Next week will be much better!
OK Please share your lovely creativeness with 
me below.

Much Love


Sunday, September 25, 2011

All about Me ~ Because it's my Birthday =D

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I thought I would take a little time today & 
tell you a little more about myself.

~Today I am 32~

~Which now makes me the same age as my brother
(until his bday in Oct)~

~I am a Libra...I am always surprised at how on target my horoscopes are~

~I live in Georgia~
(but I don't have a southern accent)

~I have 4 beautiful children & am married to the love of my life~
~I spend most of my time in sandals or barefoot....but in the winter, not so much lol~

~I was married on the beach in Jamaica~
(So many beautiful memories)

~We have matching Celtic knot tattoos symbolizing our wedding~

~Speaking of which, I have 8 tattoos~

~I also have my nose pierced, which I got 17 years ago~
(I've also had other piercings but have taken them out over the years)

~We love breakfast for dinner~

~I am the youngest of 3 children~

~When I was 9yrs I had a cat (named Katarina) who I taught to attack~
(very useful for when my bothers had friends over-so funny)

~The nickname "Iffy" came from when I was going to name my blog
"If All Else Fails" but it was taken =P~

~I hate being called Cammy~

~I make a mean pecan pie~

~I was the lead singer in a band named Bellarosa~
(Stands for beautiful rose)

~And yes I had fire engine red hair in the front (before it was kinda popular)~

~I left the band in 2008 to have Michaela & Landon~

~My hair has been just about every color you can think of~
(I dyed it a lot in high school)

~I have better than 20/20 vision~
(Thank you Lasik!)

~I like my steak medium-rare~

~Halloween is my favorite holiday~

~I love music~

~I love to snuggle~

~I wear jeans most of the time~

~My eyes are green with a little brown in the middle~
(Sydney & Michaela have my eyes)

~Fall is my favorite time of year(weather wise)~

That's about it for now, which I think is plenty.
My husband & children are taking me out tonight for a birthday dinner ~Yum!
So I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend & I look forward to getting to know you all better
too. Feel free to post a few things about yourself below.

Much Love


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Giveaway #15 ~Scent Naturals ~ NOW CLOSED~

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Thank you for entering- the winner is Rebecca, CONGRATULATIONS! 
I hope you had as much fun designing your scent as I did mine.
I'm thrilled to have 130 followers now, because my growing blog
thanks to all of you & your interest in my blog ~ keeps me interested in blogging!
Say that 3 times fast =P
So as a big THANK YOU I have a special giveaway for you today from
Have you ever wished you could create your own perfume, ya know like
all the celebrities do? A fragrance that describes who you are or at least what you like?

Well I was given the chance to create my own fragrance from Scent Natural and
the process was so much fun!
I am always trying to find "my signature scent" and am pretty
picky when it comes to smells I put on my body. I was so excited to be 
given the chance to try my hand at it. 
Here's my fragrance - 
appropriately named dontcha think?
Their website has a step by step question sheet that you fill out
what bottle design/shape,
what cap you prefer,
what color you would like your scent,
& of course what fragrance you mix.

There are so many scents to pick from & they pair up scents that go well together so 
you can choose from those to insure you pick a mix that doesn't clash.
Based on your primary scent selection they offer you several combinations to help
you find a scent you will love!

You may wonder which pairings did I select? Well,
I always like to do things my way whether it is tweaking a recipe, or
doing something before it is 'popular' so I mixed my own concoction 
I used my main scent as Gardenia then jasmine, ginger spice, & honey dew
~it smells delicious. I'm not a huge fan of floral scents but 
I love gardenia, jasmine, & lavender.

Anyways I was so pleased with my fragrance as it is crisp, clean,
& refreshingly light. 
I hate when people are drowning in their perfume & smells like they took a bath in it.
Yuck-no offense but it gives me a headache.
The fragrances from Scent Natural are all natural so no more headaches from perfumes=bonus!

The only negative I have is that the scent doesn't last all day. It usually 
is completely gone within 4 hours. Perhaps there is a trick to make your fragrance last longer,
but I don't know because I've never had this problem.
The ingredients used in your fragrance are all natural and organic!
I do love having a scent to call my own though =D So cool!

So to say Thank You to all of my loyal & new followers Scent Natural 
is giving one of you a bottle of your own scent, a $49.99 value!

Here's how to enter:
This week my giveaway has questions so we can get to know each other better.
Follow me & hop over to Scent Natural, then post a comment saying what your 
scent you would choose =2 entries
EXTRA entries(please leave a comment for each):
*****What color would you choose? =1 entry
I picked green because my scent was earthy & "green"

*****How many sprays of perfume do you put on? =1entry
(I do one, sometimes 2 if I'm going out)

******Where do you put your perfume? =1entry
(I always spray my left wrist & dot my right wrist to the left that was sprayed & then with that wrist dot my neck)

********How often do you wear perfume? =1 entry
(when I am leaving the house to go somewhere other than to get groceries & when I remember lol)

******Who do you wear your perfume for? =1 entry
(I wear mine to make me feel sexy & of course for my husband)

OK so now not questions but even more ways to enter:
Follow me on twitter @StayAtHomeIffy=2 entries

Follow me on Pinterest /stayathomeiffy =2 entries

Post my button on your blog's main page=2 entries

Blog about this giveaway=2 entries

Tweet about this giveaway=2 entries

Send a friend over to my blog & if they follow me you will each get 3 additional entries(they must comment saying you sent them & your display name)

Same as above for following me on each- Pinterest and Twitter

Many, many ways to enter- So why not?
Don't miss this awesome opportunity & be sure to enter!
Entries must be submitted by midnight est October 8th, 2011
open to U.S residents only.

Please remember that if I do not have your email address & you block it in your comment then I
cannot contact you if you are the winner.
If you cannot wait for this giveaway, you can start crafting your own scent now~HERE
A special thank you again to Scent Natural.

Good Luck!

There's still time to enter my Mystic Tan take home giveaway (ends 9/25) ENTER HERE
And if you have a craft, recipe, blogging tip, shortcut, DIY decor, or anything else you would like
to share you can link up to My Favorite Things Party HERE


Although I was provided a bottle to review, my opinions are 100% honest & mine.

The Versatile Blogger Award!!!

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Wow! I just want to say Thank You &Yay!
 We made it to 130 followers so now I have another really great giveaway for you!
Make your own perfume ~ Click HERE to enter!

First I wanted to share with you, I received my very first award!
I was so excited to read that I had won the Versatile Blogger Award!

Cheryl from That's What {Che} Said chose my blog as one to receive this award
so a huge THANK YOU Cheryl!!
If you have not stumbled upon her blog yet, you should go HERE
after you enter my giveaway & check it out! 
I just came back from visiting it & saw she posted a recipe for making Kahlua HERE ~YUM!
Cheryl is a down to earth, fun & full of life Mama. Her blog is loaded with great tips
or this super cute idea to display important dates HERE

So to pass on the love, now it is my turn to pick some blogs to be awarded

Here are my 15 picks to receive The Versatile Blogger Award~ Congratulations!!
Read below to find out what to do now that you have won :)

Twin Inspiration

Homemaker In Heels

These are some really great blogs that should definitely be added to your blog roll!
Now if you have just received the award here are the rules(I didn't make them up, just forwarding
them along to you)

Rule #1.  Thank the person who gave you the award and link 

back to them in your post

I did this at the top of my post

Rule #2:  Share 7 Things about yourself

I will have this list on my Birthday post tomorrow so stop by to get to know me =D

Rule #3:  Pass the award on to 15 blogs that you recently  discovered!

I posted buttons because they look better than just a bunch of written link backs.

Thank you again to That's what {Che} Said!
Now go show off your Award & Congratulations!
Much Love

There is still time to enter my Mystic Tan take home product giveaway HERE
Also My Favorite Things Friday Party is going on now~ Link up HERE
Enter to win my giveaway to create your own fragrance ~ HERE 

Friday, September 23, 2011

My Favorite Things Friday Link Party ~ #15 Link Up & WIN!

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Hello my beautiful readers, I hope you are all having a great week.
I am looking forward to this weekend, as my birthday is Sunday &
I am going to enjoy it with my family & some good food.

This week we are going to do something a little different, I am giving an award to the
top 10 bloggers who link up with the most votes for their entries.
So spread the word to your friends, readers, & fellow bloggers to
vote for yours & they can link up too!

If you link up please follow my blog through gfc and vote for as many as you link up.
Does that make sense? Sorry I'm tired lol.
Please be kind & link back to Stay At Home Nation somewhere on your blog. =D Thanks
When I reach 130 followers I will have an awesome giveaway for you
just to say thank you!
That giveaway will be from Scent Natural
 ~ I will fill you in on all the details later but you won't be disappointed!

Then at 150 followers I will have another fabulous giveaway you won't want to miss either.
So please help spread the word so I can reach my goals & give some
really great prizes to you too!
Thank you to all who linked up last week!
Here are a few of my favorite things that were party related
Somewhere in the Middle shared this cute little guy
This redo would be great for cupcakes or appetizers from Art Is Beauty

Be sure to enter my giveaway from Mystic Tan ~the Take Home Line~HERE
(hurry ends 9/25)
I have a new giveaway each week so check back often & enter because it's so easy!
Now let's get this party started:
Much Love


Monday, September 19, 2011

Giveaway #14 Mystic Tan ~ NOW CLOSED

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Congratulations to our winner #6 Andrea D who has won a full sized bottle of spray tan
from Mystic Tan's take home line! I hope you enjoy it!
Thank you to all who entered & Thank you to Mystic Tan!

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel so much prettier with
a tan? As an added bonus a tan also gives you a slimming effect.  I love the look
of a nice tan but don't have the time or the luxury to lay out in the sun(I know most of you can relate)
not to mention the heat this summer has been brutal!
I am SO loving the cooler weather btw :)

So, Jennifer from Blue Sky Promotions (you can follow her on twitter HERE)
was nice enough to let me try out a few items from the Mystic Tan take home line.
I was unaware that they even offered any at home products so I was excited to give them a go.
Now in the past I tried the Mystic Booth, which was quick & I liked the results but they were a little too orange for me. Not to mention it took my breath away as it sprayed the front of me.

With that being said, the take home Mystic products are so much better in my opinion!
Let me warn you that there is a learning curve to using the BUILD Spray, but it is a very small curve.
I loved that you can hold the can at any angle in case you are applying it yourself, although
I do suggest that you get someone to help you, because it's not easy to get your back solo.

The first time I applied it, I didn't think I put enough on because I put one layer on.  However, it does gradually darken over the next 6-8 hours or so. To me though it seemed to continue to deepen over the next day-which was great.
The streaks of stark white where I had missed.....not so much.  I learned just after that
one time that the key is to take my time & to keep the sprays closer together.  I
simply went back over the white with a few sprays & it blended perfectly.

You can then go back & spray again until you reach your desired color. I would wait at least a
day between sprays just to make sure your color doesn't continue to deepen & you end up with the shade you want.
I really loved the color of the tan, it gave such a beautiful glow that was not orange at all!
It does still give you that smell of feet, but once you take your first shower after the tan has developed, the smell is gone.

Then there is a really great product from the Mystic take home line called BOOST, which
is an enhancer. You can use this lotion a couple of days or more after your tan has developed to help prevent fading.  You can also use it as a boost(hence the name) and control your color.

GLOW is the final product I tried out, and it not only has SPF 15 to protect your skin from harmful rays,
but it helps prolong your tan & has a patented color building complex to bring out your skin's own
healthy glow.

You must wash your hands thoroughly after using each of these products, as to not stain your palms of course. ;) I loved that you don't have to rub in the BUILD or wipe off with a towel(like in the booth).

After my tan faded, I had a Versa Spa spray tan done at the salon to compare.
I used medium setting and got DARK.....unfortunately it was too dark on my knuckles and you could see on my hands/fingers where the barrier cream was applied.

I personally like the Mystic take home products better because you can build the color gradually & with the spray can you are in control. There is no need for a barrier cream at home
because the spray provides even coverage, that is easily corrected if you miss areas.
They do advise you to use sparingly on knees & elbows since it can get in the grooves there.

They carry products to prepare your skin before your at home tan as well, such as exfoliator, ph balancing conditioner, & hydrator.

Jennifer is offering one of my lucky readers a can of the BUILD spray from Mystic Tan.

*Be a new or existing follower of my blog and leave me a comment below letting me know = 1 entry

Additional Ways to Enter
(additional entries will not count if you do not follow StayAtHomeNation on gfc)
*Check out Mystic Tan & tell me the #1 reason why you want to try Mystic take home = 1 entry

*Blog, tweet, or facebook about my giveaway  not just my url= 1 entry each time (per day) you do!!

*Follow me on twitter  ~  @StayAtHomeIffy = 2 entries (leave 2 comments below)
 *Follow them on twitter ~ @yesimystic =2 entries 
*Follow Yes I Mystic on Facebook Here = 1 entry
*Put my button (located at the top of my sidebar) on your sidebar 
 Mystic Tan giveaway = 2 entries (leave 2 comments for this to count twice)

Please note:  You MUST leave a separate comment for each entry! 
(Post your link in your comment below so I can verify each)

There are so many chances to win, but you can't win unless you ENTER! 

This giveaway is currently open for U.S. residents only, & will close at midnight est on Sunday 9/25/11.
It will be a completely random drawing so the more entries you have, the better your chance to WIN!
I will notify the winner so please make sure I have your email address so I can contact you asap.
Check out my weekly giveaways, a new one each Monday!

A special thank you to Jennifer & Mystic Tan

Thank you for entering
Good Luck!


~I was given the above products to review but my opinions are honest & 100% mine.~

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Favorite Things Friday Link Party ~ #14 ~ Birthday Party Time

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This week I'm taking a little "me" time with the family.
So I'll keep it short & sweet.
Thank you to all who linked up over the last 2 weeks----
what an awesome party thanks to you guys!!

I have SO many favorites so take a look
Can you believe these beautiful seashells are painted with spray paint?
Crafty Butt shares a cute way to show off your candles
I am in love with this cute yellow skirt from Lindsay at Southern Lovely
This is one of the best keepsake ideas I've seen in a long time thanks to
Last but not least Somewhere in the Middle has a wonderful tutorial for a fabric mini album
Grab a button from my sidebar if you were featured above because you are in this week's
Stay At Home Nation Spotlight!

I loved all of the wonderful entries from My Favorite Things Friday Link Party so Thank You!
Let's make this week another success, shall we?
Please help spread the word about my party by posting my button on your sidebar or
however else you think would help. 
This week whoever sends over the most people(they can link up too) who become
followers of my blog & post a comment saying 
" (your blog name) sent me" 
will receive a special guest post on my blog in October.

OK so since this month is filled with birthdays in our house(mine included) =D
I would like to have a little fun this week & have you guys post anything
birthday related....gifts, decorations, cakes, invitations, let's have fun with it!
I would especially LOVE anything Yo Gabba Gabba since my soon to be 2 year old
has a new found love with that show & all things related.

Alright so let's get to it, just a few rules this week
oh & I will run it for 2 weeks again since it did so well last time!

Rule 1- Have Fun =D

Rule 2- Please post my button(located at the top of my sidebar) 
in your post or somewhereon your blog

Rule 3- Follow me, hey what have you got to lose? Only a pretty cool friend to gain ;)

That's it, simple enough right?
Now it's party time! Link up as many birthday related posts as you like!
Entries will list in reverse order because I think everyone deserves a spot at #1

Oh and be sure to enter this week's giveaway HERE
for these adorable earrings from the Pretty Pickle

Much love


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Giveaway #13 ~ The Pretty Pickle ~NOW CLOSED

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This giveaway is now closed. I just returned from a little family getaway,
which I worked some but we also played :)
Thank you to Pretty Pickle & for all of you who entered!
The winner is #5 Rachel Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your earrings!
Be sure to keep an eye out for what I have to give away this weekend!
Much love

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! 
Sorry for the delay in my giveaway but I have been preoccupied over the past week
with my family from Dr's appointments, my hubby's bday, my youngest popping in his first tooth,
curriculum night, painting the play set, and so much more! 
That on top of the everyday list of cooking, cleaning, folding laundry, changing diapers
and so on.....
So my apologies for lack of crafts & posts as well. My back has taken
a turn for the worse so I will definitely make up for it as soon as my 
back starts feeling better.

Alright, enough about me, this week I want to share with you a wonderful shop named
the name makes me giggle but that's just me :)
The Pretty Pickle is an adorable little shop filled with lots
of creativity & sophisticated style.
I don't know about you but I never thought I would wear an apron while cooking but
they are the "in" thing although they have been around forever. Why wouldn't you get a reversible one
for 2 looks in one? Too cute!
These are so retro.
This is my favorite!
Take a look at the back
isn't that just sooooo freakin pretty!?! I LOVE IT! 
I gotta get one! 

So Meg was so sweet, she sent me a pair of her earrings to review.
I know with my almost 8 month old, Landon, he loves to 
grab things -my necklaces, Jackson's glasses, Michaela's paci, daddy's eyes
to name a few, lol
So needless to say I don't dare wear dangle earrings near him! 
These earrings are very comfortable to wear & the fronts are
smooth so they don't get caught in your hair or on your clothes. 
They are very cute & let me have style while still being simple & not over the top.
Did I mention cute?!

OK so you're in luck because I have a pair for one of my lucky readers today!
In pink, yay!

Also, The Pretty Pickle is giving you 15% off when you use the code SILLYDILLY15 at checkout!
Here is how to enter:

*Be a new or existing follower publicly of my blog and leave me a comment below letting me know = 3 entries
(Help me reach 135 followers & I will have a very special & personalized giveaway for when I do!)
Additional Ways to Enter
(additional entries will not count if you do not publicly follow StayAtHomeNation on gfc)

*Go check out The Pretty Pickle and 
leave me a comment below with your favorite earring print Meg has for sale= 2 entries

*Blog, tweet, or facebook about my giveaway = 1 entry each time (per day) you do!!

*Follow me on twitter   ~  @StayAtHomeIffy = 2 entries

*Tweet me a hello = 1 entry

*For each friend you send to my giveaway (have them leave your name or email address) & you both will receive 2 additional  entries!!

*Put my button (located at the top of my sidebar) linking to my blog,on your sidebar  = 2 entries

Please note:  This week I am taking care of your additional entries, so if an entry above counts for more than 1 entry I will add them for you.
(Post your link in your comment below so I can verify each) 

There are so many chances to win, but you can't win unless you ENTER! 

This giveaway is currently open for U.S. residents only, & will close at midnight est on Sunday 9/11/11.
It will be a completely random drawing so the more entries you have, the better your chance to WIN!
I will notify the winner on Monday so please make sure I have your email address 
so I can contact you asap.
Check out my other giveaways going on now too, a new one every Monday!

A very special thank you to Meg at The Pretty Pickle!

Thank you for entering
Good Luck!!


I was given a pair of earrings to review but this is my honest opinion.
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