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Hi, I'm Cameron (aka Iffy), a stay at home mother to 4 beautiful children. My family is my life! I am not crafty by nature....but I am learning =D I will share my experiences with you(good & bad) with crafts, DIY, cooking, and life. I say what's on my mind, and remain honest, it's just who I am. Love it or leave it =D So follow me and see my progress as I document my journey, and If All Else Fails....at least you have gained a friend and gotten some great tips or maybe learned something new along the way!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Favorite Things Friday Link Party ~ #16 Lucky You

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OK honestly I have a few projects that are done but I haven't 
had time to postjust yet.
 I know I have neglected my blog here lately
by lack of crafts, recipes, & diy.
  SO sorry about that,
just been down with my back & busy with life.
I have been making sure my parties go on as planned & that my giveaways
run on time because I know you all deserve it! 

Thank you for reading my blog & checking in each week whether it is to enter 
to win or to party =D
It is apparent though however, 
that I need to find a new process for posting because it is 
taking entirely too long to edit pictures, watermark, link, & then of course 
put the words down. 

After 6 months of blogging I have finally decided to ask for help.
Yes being the stubborn(my parents call it hard-headed) woman that I am
I often put up the "I can do anything on my own" wall.
So now I would like to reach out to all my fellow bloggers
and ask for any tips/tools/advice that make your life as a blogger easier. 

I would really appreciate the help & support my friends.
You can comment or email me directly

My Favorite Things Party this week is another
anything goes party. Lucky you! =D
It's been a long week, and I still have birthday party things to do 
for Michaela(who turned 2 today), I am doing a project tomorrow with Sydney's
2nd grade class tomorrow (see what I'm talking about?-Long Week)
anyways lots to do & not enough time to do it all.  
I know you can relate. 
Next week will be much better!
OK Please share your lovely creativeness with 
me below.

Much Love



  1. I wished I had some good advice!! It's been hard for me to balance it all! Some bloggers have guest bloggers regularly.
    But I think the blogging community is pretty understanding so if you miss a time or two(or more) it's no big deal!

  2. I'm new to blogging myself. But, guest bloggers, or maybe you can go to blogging once a week and make that blog impactful? Best wishes!

  3. Yeah I've seen guest bloggers & such but wasn't sure how to go about that...thank you for your kind words & yes it is tough but I really like it. I know I will have more time this coming year so I am keeping my focus. XoXo

  4. I've found that it is fun to post roundups of other people's projects from around the web (of course giving full credit to them). I did one on button crafts and I get a LOT of hits from google all of the time. It still takes time to find them and write the post, but sometimes it's easier than all of the steps it takes to write your own post.

  5. @Rachel (Lines across my face)Hey Rachel, yeah that's a really great idea. Thanks so much!


I LOVE getting comments, I want to know what you think of my blog posts & love making new friends! I try to reply by email but I may not get to reply to every comment.
Please email me directly if you have a specific question or need to reach me directly. XoXo

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