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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Giveaway #15 ~Scent Naturals ~ NOW CLOSED~

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Thank you for entering- the winner is Rebecca, CONGRATULATIONS! 
I hope you had as much fun designing your scent as I did mine.
I'm thrilled to have 130 followers now, because my growing blog
thanks to all of you & your interest in my blog ~ keeps me interested in blogging!
Say that 3 times fast =P
So as a big THANK YOU I have a special giveaway for you today from
Have you ever wished you could create your own perfume, ya know like
all the celebrities do? A fragrance that describes who you are or at least what you like?

Well I was given the chance to create my own fragrance from Scent Natural and
the process was so much fun!
I am always trying to find "my signature scent" and am pretty
picky when it comes to smells I put on my body. I was so excited to be 
given the chance to try my hand at it. 
Here's my fragrance - 
appropriately named dontcha think?
Their website has a step by step question sheet that you fill out
what bottle design/shape,
what cap you prefer,
what color you would like your scent,
& of course what fragrance you mix.

There are so many scents to pick from & they pair up scents that go well together so 
you can choose from those to insure you pick a mix that doesn't clash.
Based on your primary scent selection they offer you several combinations to help
you find a scent you will love!

You may wonder which pairings did I select? Well,
I always like to do things my way whether it is tweaking a recipe, or
doing something before it is 'popular' so I mixed my own concoction 
I used my main scent as Gardenia then jasmine, ginger spice, & honey dew
~it smells delicious. I'm not a huge fan of floral scents but 
I love gardenia, jasmine, & lavender.

Anyways I was so pleased with my fragrance as it is crisp, clean,
& refreshingly light. 
I hate when people are drowning in their perfume & smells like they took a bath in it.
Yuck-no offense but it gives me a headache.
The fragrances from Scent Natural are all natural so no more headaches from perfumes=bonus!

The only negative I have is that the scent doesn't last all day. It usually 
is completely gone within 4 hours. Perhaps there is a trick to make your fragrance last longer,
but I don't know because I've never had this problem.
The ingredients used in your fragrance are all natural and organic!
I do love having a scent to call my own though =D So cool!

So to say Thank You to all of my loyal & new followers Scent Natural 
is giving one of you a bottle of your own scent, a $49.99 value!

Here's how to enter:
This week my giveaway has questions so we can get to know each other better.
Follow me & hop over to Scent Natural, then post a comment saying what your 
scent you would choose =2 entries
EXTRA entries(please leave a comment for each):
*****What color would you choose? =1 entry
I picked green because my scent was earthy & "green"

*****How many sprays of perfume do you put on? =1entry
(I do one, sometimes 2 if I'm going out)

******Where do you put your perfume? =1entry
(I always spray my left wrist & dot my right wrist to the left that was sprayed & then with that wrist dot my neck)

********How often do you wear perfume? =1 entry
(when I am leaving the house to go somewhere other than to get groceries & when I remember lol)

******Who do you wear your perfume for? =1 entry
(I wear mine to make me feel sexy & of course for my husband)

OK so now not questions but even more ways to enter:
Follow me on twitter @StayAtHomeIffy=2 entries

Follow me on Pinterest /stayathomeiffy =2 entries

Post my button on your blog's main page=2 entries

Blog about this giveaway=2 entries

Tweet about this giveaway=2 entries

Send a friend over to my blog & if they follow me you will each get 3 additional entries(they must comment saying you sent them & your display name)

Same as above for following me on each- Pinterest and Twitter

Many, many ways to enter- So why not?
Don't miss this awesome opportunity & be sure to enter!
Entries must be submitted by midnight est October 8th, 2011
open to U.S residents only.

Please remember that if I do not have your email address & you block it in your comment then I
cannot contact you if you are the winner.
If you cannot wait for this giveaway, you can start crafting your own scent now~HERE
A special thank you again to Scent Natural.

Good Luck!

There's still time to enter my Mystic Tan take home giveaway (ends 9/25) ENTER HERE
And if you have a craft, recipe, blogging tip, shortcut, DIY decor, or anything else you would like
to share you can link up to My Favorite Things Party HERE


Although I was provided a bottle to review, my opinions are 100% honest & mine.


  1. I would choose gardenia/vanilla/jasmine. #1

    rebecca.nvcl (at) gmail.com

  2. I would choose gardenia/vanilla/jasmine. #2

    rebecca.nvcl (at) gmail.com

  3. I would choose pink since my scent is floral.

    rebecca.nvcl (at) gmail.com

  4. I wear one spray of perfume.

    rebecca.nvcl (at) gmail.com

  5. I put a dot of perfume on my neck.

    rebecca.nvcl (at) gmail.com

  6. I wear perfume on date nights and special occasions.

    rebecca.nvcl (at) gmail.com

  7. I wear perfume for myself and my husband.

    rebecca.nvcl (at) gmail.com

  8. I follow on twitter #1 (@RebeccaFH).

    rebecca.nvcl (at) gmail.com

  9. I follow on twitter #2 (@RebeccaFH).

    rebecca.nvcl (at) gmail.com

  10. I am following you, and the type of scent i would like is a berries type of scent, maybe berries and flowers together

  11. I am following you on twitter @lalalyn04


  12. I wear my spray on the temples of my arm and neck...



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