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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crafting Kiddies Summer #1 ~ Sidewalk Chalk Paint

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Oh boy was this FUN!!
Are you looking for the ultimate, easiest, fastest, homemade summer fun recipe?
Then you must try this! 
I came across the recipe from Stampin' & Craftin' I think Trisha & I have the same metal cupcake tin lol.

So look this is all you need to do,
mix 1 cup of water & 1 cup of cornstarch. 
Mix until it's smooth
(I doubled the recipe because yeah with all of us painting I knew it would go fast)
Pour it into a cupcake tin,
then color as desired with drops of food coloring. I used the end of a wooden spoon to mix em as it separates pretty quickly & the cornstarch thickens on the bottom.
So then you're ready to paint.
With all those brushes in & out of each color.....let me tell you the colors morphed pretty quickly lol.
I think next time I will put the colors into cups so they can carry whatever color they are using with them. 
We had to stay close to the cupcake tin so 
bigger brushes next time too =D
We had so much fun, for as hot as it was(even in the shade)
 it really helped to take our minds off of the heat. 
I hope you try it too, we all loved it!

On a side note, the food coloring did stay on our hands(& Michaela's toes) a little after we washed them, but after bath time it was gone. I did use quite a few drops of food coloring though =)

You can also crush pieces of chalk into a powder & put into a cup with water(Trisha had this on her blog too)

I'm thinking of a more temporary alternative to the food coloring may be to mix cornstarch, water, & washable paint?? Let me know how this works if anyone tries it....bc I just thought it up =D


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  1. I Love it! Thanks so much for linking up! I think I am going to try this with my kiddos tomorrow!! Does it wash off pretty easy?

    Alisa @ Sweet Peas and Bumblebees

  2. All I need is more cornstarch and then I will making these for my littles. Did you have any problems with it dying your cement?

  3. @Sweet Peas and Bumblebees Hey there, thanks for the invite. Yes give it a try it is so much fun & I updated my post regarding it washing off. There was a slight tint on fingers, but it washed off in the tub. The older kiddies didn't get it on em. Let me know how you guys like it!

  4. @DanielleFunny but I've had the same small box of cornstarch for the past year or more & I've never used as much cornstarch as I have the past 3 months lol. I ran out after making this and can't wait to buy more!! As for the driveway, it had not rained since we painted it up so I just poured a cup of water on it to see & it's completely gone! Hope this helps, let me know how yours does!

  5. My girls and I are putting together our list of "100 Things to Do This Summer". THIS is definitely going on the list!

    So glad I linked up behind you at "Homemaker in Heels"!

    New follower,
    Jenn/Rook No. 17

  6. @Jenn EricksonJenn, Awesome! Thanks, you girls are gonna have a blast with it. I'd love to see your list when you're done too =)Thank you so much for following & I will check out your link!

  7. How fun! Thanks for sharing!

  8. the colors are so pretty! thanks for stopping by... happily following you back! xo malia

  9. I saw someone else saying they made sidewalk chalk/paint, and I actually commented asking how! This is great to know! Thanks for sharing! =)

  10. Man I totally wish my mom would have made this for me when I was a kid. This is awesome!!! Thank you for linking up to Sew Woodsy last week. We hope you'll come back today and link up another craft project!

  11. @KatieHaha me too! Thanks for checking it out & for the invite! XX

  12. Really great idea. We will make those next week together and I will share the recipie in the kindergarten. Thank u

  13. Iffy - this looks like so much fun. I have to try this with my 2 year old Benjamin.
    :) Rachel


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