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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Giveaway from Sebastian Signs ~ Purusa Dream Extract ~NOW CLOSED

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This Giveaway is NOW CLOSED, thank you for all who entered! Be sure to stop by often to see
what I will be giving away next.
Congratulations to our winner Lucero entry #8 out of 60, selected at random from rafflecopter.com!
I have emailed the winner. Thank you again to Sebastian Signs!

Good evening. So I know I am so behind on my postings and giveaways
I am going to be posting a bunch in the weeks to come. Be sure to enter them
all, as there is no limit here at Stay At Home Nation to how many giveaways you can win!
Good luck in advance!
This giveaway is from

One lucky reader will win a full sized bottle of Purusa Dream Extract
30ml spray bottle retail price $28
If you have a hard time getting a peaceful night's rest, you should give this a try.
I am a big believer of natural fragrance oils/essential oils for all sorts of ailments,
homemade air fresheners, and aromatherapy.  The Purusa Dream Extract is a pillow
spray, so you lightly mist your pillow(1-2 pumps). When you lay down, the unique blend of
Clary Sage, Bergamot, & Sandalwood prepare your mind, body, and soul for a relaxing night's sleep.
It is not just limited to spraying your pillows, the scent is so crisp and alluring you want to climb into bed, so spray it on your sheets, the air, and even your pjs.
I even spray the kid's pillows sometimes, especially when it's been a very trying day and I know rest will do them good :)  I like to think it helps keep them dreaming peacefully.
So now here's how YOU can win your very own bottle of Purusa Dream Extract.
Simply fill out the rafflecopter form below(make sure you follow Stay At Home Nation via Bloglovin).
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You have until May 1st to get your entries in, remember the more you enter, the better your chances of winning are! A winner will be selected at random and will be contacted within 3 days of the end of the giveaway via email, so be sure you leave it.
Thank you again to Sebastian Signs
Good Luck
Much Love!

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  1. If my kids or I are having a hard time falling asleep we typically will do one or all of the following - drink a cup of Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea with a little milk, take a Cal/Mag/Zinc/D3 supplement, and a Hylands Calms Forte tablet. I just started using Melatonin on days when I can't wind down.

    1. Great ideas! Lucero- I have been using the Calms Forte tabs with my children and it really helps when they have had a rough day. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Relax...by petting one of our dogs, he/she will get sleepy, and then I do too!

    1. Deblong- Ha it's just like no matter what when someone(even on tv) yawns, it makes me yawn too. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Unfortunately I don't sleep well!

    1. Debra Lee-Sorry to hear that, I find that a relaxing bath helps me the most before bed. Even then, I find myself up until 1am most nights because there's just no point in going to bed any sooner-even as much as I may want to. Good luck!

  4. I wish I slept better more often, but I tend to try and relax myself before actually lying down so I'm not laying there forever trying to get tired enough.

    1. Shooting Stars Mag-Thanks for visiting! When I was younger, and had only 1 child, I would put soft music on & meditate a little and I found this worked wonders. I wish I could do it nowadays but with my two youngest not going to bed until 9-10(that means asleep-bedtime routine starts at 7:30p) there isn't much "quiet" time during the day. I hope sleep finds you quickly tonight. Take care.


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