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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Simplify Life ~ How to Detangle Doll Hair

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Oh how beautiful Barbie's hair is when you first take her out of the box......
and before you can say to your daughter,"Pick up all of those little Barbie pieces,
shoes, combs...etc", you notice the massive mop atop Barbie's head. Looks like she had a rough night
of partying or something. Sydney has brought me numerous dolls, asking me to help get the knots out, but 
if you have ever combed/brushed synthetic hair, you know it is nothing like human hair.

So I started asking around & one of my friends told me about this nifty little trick that works 
AmAzInGly!! Thanks Jenn!

Grab your dollies & lets help Barbie bring her sexy back.
(haha I can't believe I just wrote that! lol)

You Will Need
spray bottle
wide toothed comb (or really any comb or brush should do)
fabric softener-liquid
(which I grabbed a bottle at the dollar store, because if it didn't work, then I was only out $1)
doll(s) with tangled, messy hair

OK this is super simple trust me, it's a no brainer.
Put some liquid fabric softener into a small spray bottle, I grabbed the one I use with water when giving haircuts to the fam.  I added a little water(like I turned the faucet on then immediately back off), so it was really just a splash. Honestly, I think you can skip this step, I just didn't know, so I was experimenting. It worked perfectly, so there was no need to try anything different.  So you hold the spray bottle about 5 inches away from the doll & lightly spritz. You do not need to saturate the hair, just dampen it. Then comb through. I combed the same way I do my daughters(& my) hair, by starting at the bottom & brush to the ends, then go up a little from when I started before & comb to the ends, and continue this until you are at the top of the head & can brush through all the way to the ends without a snag. If the comb skips or snags(sorry don't know the correct term) then give it a spritz of the liquid fabric softener. Now you can style as desired & let air dry.

How simple is that?!? 
I love this for the dolls because now they can have nice, smooth hair again.
Please feel free to pin this, & comment below if you try this~ I'd love to hear how you like it!
Thanks for reading!

Much Love

Side note=*I know the above doll is a Bratz not a Barbie, but they all have the same type of knot-prone, synthetic hair, don't they?


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