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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Revolt Blogger ~Week 2 ~ Stay Strong, Temptation Is All Around

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So here we are, another week down on the Revolt program and I must say it was a much tastier week with the addition of pancakes made with oatmeal, then there was greek yogurt with strawberries, sweet potato fries, and even dessert!  I didn't have the ricotta tiramisu as we had missed grabbing the ricotta while at the store, so I just substituted with a whey protein shake. My suggestion to all of you who don't like whey protein, grab the vanilla whey protein from Trader Joe's. I personally cannot stand anything that tastes like vitamins or gritty.  This was the first time I'd ever tried whey protein powder and it was very smooth, frothy even, and didn't have a grittiness to it or a weird taste either. Trust me, I'm super sensitive to tastes & smells. 

It seems on this fitness plan, that each week the menu gets a little better, and of course you still get the once a week, "eat anything you've been craving day".  Even with that cheat day to look forward to, getting through the week can be hard. We ordered pizza one night for the kiddos, and while I've never been big into pizza, it sure smelled yummy that night while my hubby & I ate our chicken :( like we were supposed to. 
Now Thursday night, that was another story....because by Thursday I was sweet potato & green beaned out. I had been having a hard time eating all the food on the plan as it was, as you need your protein to repair your muscles.  We just couldn't stomach the balsamic chicken that I made in the crock pot for dinner that night and well the veggies didn't hold us over that long.  We had been making the chicken that week just with a little salt & pepper even though it called for balsamic, but when I made it Thursday, it just tasted SO strongly of vinegar. My husband ended up making a run to Five Guys later that night for "dinner", and yes I had the most delicious LBC I've had ;)
However, I felt guilty afterwards. 
It seems I wasn't the only one who slipped up this week, as some of the ladies confessed of eating candy bars, fast food, and more. None of which are on the plan, but we are all human and we make mistakes. You have to stay strong and when you slip up, own up & then try harder next time to stay on track. Weight loss & getting & staying fit is a lifestyle change, so it's not going to happen over night. 

Temptation is everywhere, especially if you have kids, 
work outside the home, or go to the store, the movies, 
It's about staying strong and staying focused on the prize, 
for me.....it's to feel comfortable in my own skin again.
For you......it could be $10,000 as that is what the person with the most dramatic transformation 
will win for this uprising! 
Wow that's a lot of money-AND you get healthy, fit, & sexy in the meantime, 
that's a no brain-er if you ask me ;)
It's not too late to jump on board, the 3rd week starts Monday, so check it out here & good luck!

Much love



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