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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Simplify 2012 ~ Super Bowl Party

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Unless you live under a rock I'm sure you have heard that the big game is this Sunday.
I am not a fan of watching any sports unless I am there in person.
Honestly it is an entirely different experience actually being at a game or big event.
I will probably check in for the halftime show & a few commercials,
I mean c'mon isn't that why most of us Mamas watch it anyways? Lol
So whether you're having friends over, going somewhere, 
or just watching the game with family I
 wanted to post some things that will help you
make the most out of your Super Bowl Party, & not spend it in the kitchen all day.
Here are a few simple, fast, & tasty apps for your "party"

I have made these Creamy Spinach Pinwheels from 
A Few Shortcuts quite a few times-a definite keeper!
I have a list of recipes I want to try from the same site so here are some that would be
perfect for any get together.
This Buffalo Chicken Dip gives you the flavor of hot wings without the mess! Score!
And fresh Salsa is the best.
And for a little something sweet how about S'mores Pops!?!

& for all of you football fans out there
 is offering up a FREE mat of any NFL team you like just for 
picking the Super Bowl team that wins!
 Enter HERE
Entering is simple so why not show the football fanatic in your life that you have team spirit too :)
I'm rooting for 
(that's not my house btw, oh and when I say "rooting for" I really mean
I randomly chose )=D

Much love

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  1. Those recipes LOOOOOK amazing. I wanted to tell you that I was told about FlyLady a while back.. I Love her. The main thing I have taken from her is shine my sink and to dress to my shoes daily. As a new Stay at Home MOm-- I found myself not dressing.. it was a mess.. hah! But I was actually looking at my sink last night trying to remember when i thought it was okay to leave dishes in there. I NEVER got to bed without shining it. Good luck with your new adventures.

    -Your newest Follower

    OH!! We have a link party that ends tonight... Feel free to go link something and follow us too!


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