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Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Favorite Things Friday Link Party ~ #23 Quick & Easy Gift for Any Occasion

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Sorry for the delay, but it's been a pretty bad day today, 3 MRIs and a long story
but the show(or blog) must go on right?
The short version is that basically my neurologist is trying to find out why since October I have a sharp pain in my left shoulder joint every time I take a deep breath. I'm alright though, yesterday was just one of those days. Which makes it even more stressful being so close to the holidays.

I wanted to share with you a very easy, very relaxing, & very inexpensive bath salts idea that you can
whip up for a last minute gift for any occasion really.
I first made these last year as gifts to all the women in the family, as a nice little gift
of relaxation in a jar. You know after all the many hours we all
spend shopping, cooking, wrapping gifts, baking cookies,
decorating & as well as all the day to day things that still must be taken care of.

I came across this from Smashed Peas and Carrots but I altered it
of course, because that's what I do ;)  I don't have the tutorial pictures since
I made these last year (before I was a blogger).
Here's what I did I grabbed a large bag of Epsom Salt on sale from
RiteAid & I ordered some essential oils from ebay in the scents I wanted.
I first put the Epsom salt into 4 bowls & mixed in several drops of the oils I wanted into each bowl.
You can adjust the strength to your liking or mix scents but remember
you cannot take away once you add, so add a little at a time.
Once you have the scents you desire you can add a little food coloring if
you like.
I used peppermint oil in 2 of my bowls & colored one with red to make pink & left the other alone,
and then I scented another bowl lavender coloring it purple & the last I added vanilla
and left that one white.
You then want to let the oils & coloring dry so you can carefully pour your
salts onto wax paper lined plates and let dry a couple of hours. Stir them around
every hour or so until they are pretty dry(timing depends on how much oil &
color you added).

While they are drying, you can make your cute jars. The blog above has a great
tutorial for this(I didn't add a spoon but did add a ribbon)
Once everything is dry, you are ready to add the salts to your jars(I used 8oz)
You can either spoon them in, or gather your waxed paper & use it as
a funnel.  I alternated the colors in my peppermint jars so it resembled a candy cane =D

In my other jars I did a vanilla lavender mix, both were super yummy smelling.
You can even add a tag that says add a few tablespoons to a warm bath &
This would even be a great gift for teachers or neighbors.

I look forward to seeing what you have to share this week as
the holidays are oh so close now.
 Please link up & grab my button & post it somewhere on your blog so others can
come party with us too.
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Have a wonderful weekend!
Much love

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your bad day. :( It's sounds scary. I hope tomorrow is better.

  2. I hope tomorrow is a better day and everything is alright! Thanks for hosting the party with everything you have going on!

  3. Thank you for your kind words! It means a lot to me. Thanks for linking up!

  4. Great blog! Thanks so much for sharing this charming gift idea in spite of your bad day. And thanks also for visiting me at Doorkeeper. I'm following your blog. Blessings!


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