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Sunday, August 21, 2011

E-Mealz Is My New Best Friend

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Emealz - Easy Meals for Busy People!
Have you tried e-mealz yet? I'm sure you've seen their banners
around blogland....but let me tell you,
it's awesome!

In our house we had the daily (dreaded) question of "what's for dinner?"
Typically we would try to figure out the answer based on what we have on hand,
or what meat is thawed(if any), & what we have time to throw together.
(Usually in the hour or so before my husband has to leave for work)
We would end up rushing around to make a meal that was scarfed down & not really what we wanted or we would either run out & grab something quick & not so healthy for us.
This added up quickly & was not something we could afford to keep doing -
for our wallet or my hips sake.
Does this sound familiar?

We've tried e-mealz for the past month & my family & I liked it so much that we are going
to continue on with it.  At only $1.25 a week you get recipes for 7 days(dinners) & a printable shopping list based off the sales of that week to make your meals. You first choose what store you like
to shop at-we like Publix & each week the shopping list is around $85! (and even less if you coupon)

My husband has been saying for
a while now that we needed to plan out our meals for the week before heading to the grocery store,
but I just can't think that way. I am not a planner...more of a spontaneous kinda girl.
E-mealz does the brain work for you.(and me)
Let me tell you how nice it feels to have one less thing to worry about.(and not overspending at the store)
What you bring into the house is what gets used. No more meat gone to waste, or expired groceries in the pantry.  Dave Ramsey recommends e-meals for saving money too.

Sitting down to family dinner each night is something I value, so if you don't already, this is an added bonus of being on a plan with e-meals.
These recipes are family approved - they are tasty, and quick, & even my picky 22month old likes them!
She is hard to please, but she actually eats them & we don't have to make separate food for her.
Here are just some of the meals we've made from e-mealz(I can't recall the exact recipe names-sorry)
These were bacon wrapped, stuffed chicken -yummy
A tangy bbq shrimp bake with corn & 9 grain bread
Peach stuffed french toast (oh how I love breakfast for dinner)
Cheesy bbq cups - so simple
Salsa burger (but I didn't want a bun so I put it on a bed of spinach with tomatoes)

Don't those look yummy?!?
I have been so surprised with e-mealz & I look forward to what's on the menu for each week.
The recipes give you a change of what you are used to & many are different from what you would probably come up with on your own. Also, they are quick, I don't think we've had a meal yet that has taken over 30 minutes to prepare.
They have so many options to fit your family's needs
 whether it's a family of 4-6 & shop at Publix, Kroger, Wal-mart, Ralphs, or Aldi (7 meals)
or if you only need to cook for 1-2 people (5 meals)
They also offer specialty menu plans if you need Gluten-Free, Low Carb,
Low Fat, Portion Control or Vegetarian.

Where else can you get all that e-mealz has to offer for only $1.25 a week?!?
E-mealz is a great solution from having to worry about what's for dinner, staying within a budget,
making tasty, quick, easy & for the most part healthy meals that your family will enjoy.
Give them a try & you will be hooked as well. Click to sign up!
Emealz - Easy Meals for Busy People!
A special thank you to e-mealz!

Much love

I <3 Emealz
I was given a month trial from the company & this is my honest opinion.



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