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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Surprise Giveaway!!! #7 ~ Etchworld ~NOW CLOSED & How to etch a jar

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This giveaway is now closed.
Thank you again to Etchworld
CONGRATULATIONS to #3 ~Mrs. A~ I'd love to see what you etch.

Thank you to all who entered & check out my weekly giveaways(every Monday)

Surprise!! I wanted to do a pop giveaway today just for fun!
This giveaway is a prize pack from Etchworld
They are currently running a Christmas in July sale so check that out, 
but they are also giving my readers an additional 5% off at checkout when you use the code
july2011 (no caps!)

One of my readers will win this awesome prize pack which includes
*a book about glass etching, with everything you need to know on how to etch
*a book about glass cutting
*1 bottle of Blue Etch(with design tip)so you can draw your own words or images or add detail
*1 blank sheet of reusable stencil material (custom make a stencil in a cutting machine)
*1 sheet of rub on letter stencils (Old Endlish Letters)
 Plus additional information on all they have to offer.

First let me show you how to etch a jar using stencils.
I tried my hand at stenciling & I personally like how it turned out. 
This was my first time with using etch cream(Armor Etch)
I used a mason jar & the Over n Over stencil letters
Start with a clean, dry jar. These letters we so easy to work with because they
just stick right on....
NOTE: make sure they are side by side with each other & don't leave any spacing like I did. 
Just peel it off gently & reposition.
Yes I am preparing a jar so I can make attempt to make my own pickles.
Tape around the edges & anything you don't want etched.
You will need to wear gloves & be in a well ventilated area per the directions.
Keep away from children and pets!
With a paintbrush layer on the etch cream so you can no longer see the stencil.
Start timing......60 seconds exactly!
I did mine at the kitchen sink & ran the water until it warmed since you need to 
rinse with warm water when time is up & you don't want to 
be waiting on the cold water to heat up once your time is up.
OK so at this point I rinsed & rubbed gently with my still gloved finger,
dried it with a paper towel & saw that it wasn't as etched as I would like.
So simple enough, on went another coat & another 60 seconds later,
We have a pickle jar! =D
Sorry it's hard to see but it is just so sunny today that everywhere
I tried to take a picture there was glare, so I put it in front of my foodsaver to see.
Rinse your stencils under warm water & stick them back on the original sheet & they are ready to use again when you are! How convenient is that?

So... what was the coolest thing you have etched?

That's the question....(or what would you like to etch)
Leave your answer in a comment below.
BEST answer wins the prize pack with all it's goodies!!

You must follow me publicly via gfc or twitter to be eligible.
Please make sure I have your email to contact you!
Open to US residents only(for now)
All answers need to be submitted by midnight est Sunday 7/24/11
a winner will be chosen & notified Monday.
Please note the xmas in July sale AND the additional discount code july2011 is only good
for July (Obvious I know but just a reminder)
Thank you to Etchworld
Good Luck!


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  1. Well I haven't etched anything but I would love to try! I have several glass jars that I've saved so I could do lots of praticing!! Your jar turned out cute!!

  2. I once etched numbers on glasses so everyone would know which glass is theirs.

  3. I want to etch my last name on my glass bakeware so that it is easy to identify after holiday meals!

  4. @~Mrs. A~Yes me too, so it doesn't get lost at get togethers & such.

  5. I would really love to etch a mirror!

  6. Haven't etched yet but I'd like to etch on my storage containers. Hope I win this awesome giveaway. Thanks for joining MYBG :)

  7. Sorry I missed your party. Do you host it each week? This summer is a little crazy. Been trying to get away to our cabin (no internet) but would love to link up soon!

  8. Would love to etch a cookie jar! It would be so cute!



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