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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lovely House Rules on A Canvas ~ My Favorite Things Link PARTY

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 Here is my latest creation

This was so simple to do and I absolutely adore how it turned out.
I know I'm a little late jumping on the subway art bandwagon,
but that's OK because I do things on my own time.
 More so when I want to, not because everyone else is doing it.  I had ordered a picture on canvas about 2 years ago, but when I received it, there was a bunched up area of protective coating.  They replaced it with a perfect photo canvas & told me to keep the messed up one.
Since I knew I was not going to use the image that was on it, as I had a replacement & since this one was damaged.  
I held onto it thinking maybe one day I could do something with it.

So today was that day.

First I carefully peeled the protective coating off of the canvas. This in turn lifted the photo along with the coating.  

I then painted the whole canvas with 2 coats of white acrylic craft
letting it dry 3 hours between coats for good measure.

While the paint was drying, I typed up our house rules using different fonts and sizes for each.
I even put a few words in different colors to make them stand out.
I was inspired to do a subway art "rules" canvas by Stephanie over at Full of Great Ideas .
 I printed my house rules directly onto
tissue paper(thanks Stephanie!).  
 I cut the tissue paper just shy of a piece
of 8.5" x 11" printer paper so it wouldn't
jam in the printer.
I folded the tissue paper over & taped it to
the back with a piece of
clear packing tape.

 I then cut out my rules and paired them up as to
how I wanted them to read.

Next I arranged them on the canvas to get an idea of where
 I wanted them placed.

I poured some Mod Podge into a small bowl and with a foam brush,

I painted a light layer of it onto my canvas working a section at a time.

Little by little I painted a row of Mod Podge, then (while still wet) I laid the first row of rules down.

I continued this until my canvas was covered in rules.
(Be sure to smooth the tissue paper down as you go)

I let this dry for about 20 minutes and then painted the canvas with
two top layers of Mod Podge
(letting it dry 30 minutes between each).

This helps protect your canvas from peeling up.

Be careful not to brush over the tissue paper too much, as it is delicate

and could tear & smear.....like mine.

Which I'm totally fine with as it adds a distressed look.

After the canvas was dry, I decided to add some ribbon around the edges.
I really love this sweet, romantic print on the ribbon.

I started at the bottom of the canvas, and glued the ribbon around the trim with my hot glue gun.

I glued a little at a time and laid the ribbon down then gently rubbed the ribbon to smooth it out.

I continued this until I made it back around to where I started.

Then I cut the ribbon and glued that down too.
I wanted to add a little something to the front of my canvas as it felt a little boring to me.

So, I cut some ribbon the width of my canvas, & added a bow to that.

I had never made a bow before so I just improvised (please don't critique my bow as I just made it on the spot & had no idea what I was doing)
It's not perfect but I like how it turned out, so I'm happy.

You can check out my tutorial on how I made the bow here..

So I then glued the bow to my ribbon with
hot glue and 
then hot glued the ribbon across
the front of the canvas.

You could do this step first(before the ribbon along the trim)
 to avoid the edges from being frayed.

Isn't it a nice little touch?

I also had some small white artificial flowers that have been sitting in my craft drawer,
so I cut off  3
& then hot glued them down onto my canvas.

I found that the closer you cut them to the base of the flower, the flatter they sit....I know common sense right? I thought I had cut them short enough until I stuck the first flower into the hot glue. See the one on the left is a little tipped?

I think the flowers add even more of a feminine feel to it. 
With all the little imperfections from the wrinkles in the tissue paper,
 to the fray of the ribbon,
I love it because it's one of a kind just like my family.

Just lovely, isn't it?

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