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Monday, August 27, 2012

Simplify Life ~ Making Barbie A Little More Modest

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I know there are many of us out there who wish we had
Barbie's body/figure.  Although, as flawless as it may be, 
 I still don't want to be stepping over naked barbies all over the floor. 

For some reason once her clothes come off, they rarely go back on......
perhaps she is a free spirit, a nudest, or maybe it's the fact that her clothes are so tiny & tight
that my girls have a hard time putting them back on or like Michaela, just don't care to dress them.

One day as I was browsing Ucreate with kids & saw a post entitled
Modest is Always Hottest from The Merrifield Family blog. (Ironically my in-laws have that last name
but no relation- I don't think) 
Anyways, it was this post where I came across the brilliant idea to help Barbie
out because she cannot get dressed herself. 

Here's what you need:
Naked Barbies (or any hard plastic dolls that are well endowed or that you want to cover)
Sharpie-black (or any color you wish to make her undergarments)
Simply draw & fill in a bodysuit, or a 2 piece bathing suit, tube top, shorts, whatever you would like to cover barbie up. You could also use acrylic paint, but I used a black sharpie in these 2 designs(no straps) because it was quick & easy. Plus they don't show under Barbie's clothes(when they decide to wear some)
Look, it's not that I don't think the human body is a beautiful thing, and amazing
because it is. 
There is just a time & a place for nudity, even if it's a doll. With two growing girls,
I do not want them ashamed of their bodies, however I don't want them prancing around stark naked either. I certainly don't want my two sons seeing naked Barbies hanging out (literally lol) and thinking that's what girls do.  I don't see any harm in simply adding permanent undergarments, (whether it's a bra & underwear, a body suit, or just a tank or tube top) 
to teach how to be modest & set a good example.  I'm not saying color her from 
head to toe(I think that's a bit much) but hey if you want to, go for it. 
I mean they make the newer dolls with underwear molded on, why not a bra too?
This may not be for everyone but in my house it is the perfect solution.

If you do not agree with this, there's no need to leave a negative comment as this post was meant
to be informative & offer a solution to those interested.
This is just my opinion & what I chose to do to the barbies my younger daughter plays with in the family room.  I left the Barbies in Sydney's room alone as they stay in her room & are clothed most of the time :)
Thanks for reading!


*Warning-Using a Sharpie is a permanent change to your dolls, please use at your own risk. I would not advise using this technique on any collectors dolls or ones you do not wish to permanently have colored. Do not let your children do this or see you doing this as they may think it is OK to color on their dolls/toys. You can talk to your children about why you did this and/or how mommy(or daddy) are the only ones allowed to write on them.  Also, the Sharpie does wear off in certain places over time/use & so a touch up from time to time may be needed. I was not compensated in anyway by Barbie or Sharpie.

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  1. Hang on a second... Have to clean up my keyboard a bit.

    HEHEHEHEHE! Never take a drink while reading blog posts. You just NEVER know what you will come across.

    This is a pretty brilliant idea! I, personally, always hated having my dolls sit around in the nude. This is a solution I did not think about. Glad it is simple with just a sharpie too.

    BTW: I was laughing not because of covering the dolls or that your opinion is way out there. Just reminded me of some funny stories I've had with other mom's about the kids neglect of their barbies all over the place. Hehehe... It REALLY does happen!

    OH and (sorry for the book here) don't apologize so much for your own opinion. You have one, stand with it. We all have them. Your fine!

    Take care,

    1. Dee,
      Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed my post! It always makes my day to see that I bring a smile to someone or give them an idea or tip or recipe they they can use. Yes, at least now when the Barbies are scattered across the floor, they seem to have a little more dignity ;)
      Take care!

  2. I loathe nakey dolls!! The grandkids NEVER dress them and I get tired of struggling with putting their clothes back on. Girl ... you are brilliant!

    1. Thank you for commenting! It's the only way I know people are actually out there, reading what I have written. Also, it's a great way for me to get to know my readers! I think grandma should take matters into her own hands & grab the sharpie & get to drawing :) Good Luck!

  3. Another brilliant idea! Mother always comes up with the best ;)

  4. I think my girls would love this! lol! Like your girls mine struggle to put on the itty bitty clothes all the time, therefore I get stuck doing it! I think I'll have to splurge on a couple coloured sharpies though as I don't think black bathing suits are "princess" enough for my youngest. lol!

    As for nasty comments, that's why God created the delete button. ;) lol!

    1. Carla- haha I like you, that's funny. Yeah and you could totally do like a blue & black for Cinderella, or a yellow one for Belle, and red yellow, & blue for Snow White, and pink for...is it Anastasia? Anyways that would be super cute-send me a pic of what you end up doing & I'll post it at the end of the post above & link to you or your blog if you have one. That goes for all of you ladies(and men) out there! Email me a picture of a project or recipe that you got off of Stay At Home Nation & a url to your blog or facebook & I'll give you a little spotlight to help you show off.
      Have a great week!

  5. I saw your linky on Nifty Thrifty Things. I just had to click over because we have our own little nudist colony of Barbies going on over here. ;) I don't mind the naked state enough to cover them in Sharpie, but I did enjoy your easy solution to the problem for more modest families. The only time it wigs me out is when the naked Kens get tossed into the pile - then I step in and dress everyone IMMEDIATELY! ;) Come share your post on our comments section for this Kids Craft: Use Old Baby Socks To Make Doll Dresses: http://www.weknowstuff.us.com/we-know-stuff/2011/04/kids-craft-make-doll-dresses-out-of-old-baby-socks.html - our readers would get a chuckle out of your post! :) Happy Blogging.

    1. Denine ~ Hey there! Thank you for stopping by from the link party! I would love to stop by your blog & check it out. Just from the title of the post, sounds like a great idea! Thanks for the invite-take care!

  6. I think that this is a fantastic idea! I have 3 children- 2 sons, and a daughter as the baby. I cringe at the idea of naked Barbies around my house with little boys on the loose! It just seems... inappropriate...? lol! So I think that your idea is brilliant, and I'm going to start coloring tonight. thanks for the great (and hilarious) idea!

    1. Thank you so much Julie, I'm glad you find this post helpful! I like the way they look in their new cover ups much better than in the nude, and don't even think twice when they are at the top of the toy bin now :) I'd love to see them when you're finished, especially if you do something creative with them. Happy coloring & thanks for reading=D

  7. That is too funny! I don't know what it is about children and wanting to take Barbie and doll clothes off as soon as they get them. I'll have to try this with my daughter's Barbie dolls. Great idea!

    1. Yeah tell me about it Lizzie! All those cute little outfits, dresses, shorts, pants, tops, anything you can imagine pieces of clothing and they always end up naked haha. I hope this works for you, and remember they will need touch ups, but Shrarpie dries super quick! :) Thanks for reading!

  8. So smart. Love it. 3 girls and 1 boy in my house and modesty is best taught when they are kids :)

  9. What a great idea. My daughter was in the Strawberry Shortcake era and I would dress all her dolls in the teeny tiny clothes they came with and within minutes, I swear, they were all naked again. I finally got tired of the whole thing and sold them at a yard sale. She still is mad at me for that and that was at least 25 years ago. Anyway I am going to do that to the yard sale Barbies I have here for my sweet granddaughters. Nothing more disturbing than a well endowed naked lady lying on your carpet.

    1. Uh oh! Lol it's always the things your parents thought weren't worth saving that were the things you wish they had kept. :'( And yes good luck covering up those naked ladies Vikki! Haha

  10. I have done this on the McDonalds freebee toys that are half dressed as well. I am so tired of dolls always being half- dressed to begin with as their reall outfits! Thanks for the modest is hottest saying as well! Love it!


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