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Hi, I'm Cameron (aka Iffy), a stay at home mother to 4 beautiful children. My family is my life! I am not crafty by nature....but I am learning =D I will share my experiences with you(good & bad) with crafts, DIY, cooking, and life. I say what's on my mind, and remain honest, it's just who I am. Love it or leave it =D So follow me and see my progress as I document my journey, and If All Else Fails....at least you have gained a friend and gotten some great tips or maybe learned something new along the way!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Come Join My Mother's Day Party!! ~#1

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Since Mother's Day is Sunday I thought it would be nice to celebrate early.
This is me & my family. I am so fortunate to have such an amazing husband, and 4 wonderful children!
I absolutely LOVE to get handmade gifts from them.
It's a million times better than anything you could buy in a store.

So for my very first linky party you can post ANYTHING Mother's Day related!

It can be a craft or something your kiddies have made at school or home for you,  a recipe for a Mother's Day treat,  ideas, or just a post/comment of something beautiful.

Laurie over at Tip Junkie has a collection of crafts kids can make
Like this beautiful Stepping Stone from Midwest Moms
or these flowers from shannon makes stuff
and how about a cute AND free handprint poem
and these can be enjoyed year round
Tiny Polaroid Magnets from Ambrosia girl
Just to name a few. How stinkin cute right?
So now I'm ready to see yours.
This is pretty much a test run for some great up coming giveaways I will be hosting.  
So I would love it if you help me spread the word by linking to my post on your blog & while you are at it come join my party!
(I will be attempting to make a button, but in the meantime you can just link to my post)

If  you would like to join my first party ever,

 1-If you're not following me already, please do so(I'd love for you to know when my awesome giveaways are being held)

2- Leave me a comment, not required but it'd be nice to say hi

3- Please link to your actual post, not your homepage(you can link 2 or 3 of your favs)

4- Be nice and visit/comment on another entry or two

5 -That's it, be nice and enjoy your weekend!

And to all you moms out there
Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!
Here are some flowers for you....(Phlox) man I love this stuff!




  1. What a beautiful family y'all are!! Your family photo is absolutely gorgeous :).


  2. Oh I apologize! I linked up something that wasn't a Mother's Day gift from my kids. See what happens when I link first THEN read? Is there a way for you to delete it if needed? Thanks! :)

    Also, your family is beautiful. Your kids are just adorable...all of them. <3

  3. hope you have a very deserving happy mother's day!

  4. @{ L } Hey there, thanks for stopping by. No need to delete it, I'm not too picky just trying out the link party feature to see how smoothly it runs so when I host another for a giveaway I will be familiar with it. Thanks for linking up!

  5. I thought I clicked "follow" while I was here before. OOPS! I am a follower now! Come over and follow me at Greetings From the Asylum too!

  6. This is fun! Thanks for hosting it! It looks like you have a fun blog place!


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