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Friday, July 1, 2011

Refreshing Grape/Banana Salad ~ Summertime Favorite Recipes ~ #1

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I just came across this very tasty side dish a few weeks ago & have made it twice! Oh my goodness it is so good & refreshing, this is from now a summertime staple in my house lol. Just look at it.
So I was browsing Allrecipes.com, which is an awesome place to find recipes but cam be hit or miss. People review the recipes & it helps me to get an idea of what to do differently based on others who have made it previously. Although since everyone has a different idea of perfect, someone who says a recipe needs more salt (or butter or onions or sugar) could be way too much for you, so just keep that in mind. Anyways, so I tend to 'tweak' my recipes to make em to my family's preference (or mine =D)
Here's what you need to make Grape/Banana Salad
Heavy cream(1 cup)
Confectioner's Sugar(per your taste..but I used 2 Tablespoons)
Bananas(I used 2)
Grapes (I used what I felt was enough...a few handfuls)
Optional~Pecans or walnuts (1 cup before I chopped em) 
First beat the heavy cream in a bowl until soft peaks form, like these.
Then add confectioner's sugar a tablespoon at at time until you reach desired sweetness.
Continue to beat until it stiff peaks form & it is light, fluffy whipped cream. Trust me you won't want the canned stuff after you make your own. How easy!
So now slice up your grapes & bananas.....honestly there is no exact science to the amount.
Add them to your whipped cream
 And stir
You can add in your chopped walnuts or pecans here (walnuts gave the right amount of crunch I thought)
So here's how it looked with the nuts (no jokes please lol)
So that's it, just refrigerate until you're ready or go right ahead & enjoy =D

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  1. Okay. That looks delicious. I have everything but the grapes. Darn.

  2. @freckled laundry =) No worries, try it with blueberries or raspberries instead. I'm sure it would turn out yummy too! Enjoy!

  3. I am hungry now, even though I had breakfast...love it! Thank you for sharing! xoxo michele

  4. @Michele Lol too funny, well go make some then =D You will be glad you did!


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