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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Revolt Blogger ~ Week 5 ~ Some Important Tools You Will Need Before You Get Started

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OK, so you know I have been doing the Revolt Fitness program
with Nichole Huntsman and as a result I am getting leaner and stronger as a result. Tonight I just want to let you in on some key items you will need to help make
your journey a success!
So before I started, I saw that Nichole recommends a few items to help you measure your progress.
1-a standard scale
2-body fat calipers
3-measuring tape(one that is flexible for circumference measurements)
I thought OK, cool I already have a scale and the measuring tape that should be good enough right?
Well, no.  After the second week, I didn't see anymore movement on the scale as I had during the detox week. I saw all of the other (let's call them) Revolters losing body fat and having huge success.
Yes, OK I've had a few slip ups from time to time but I knew in order to stay motivated, I had to get some calipers.
Here's what they look like:
Sorry it's so small but when I enlarge it, it gets all pixelated but you get the idea :)
Anyways, so I went on my search to find a pair of these manual body fat calipers......
I tried GNC,
Vitamin World
Academy Sports
Dick's Sporting Goods
.....but none of them carried any type of fat calipers.
So I ordered a pair off of ebay and after another week went by, and I still had no idea what kind of
lean muscle I was gaining, but more importantly I had no true numbers in how much fat I was losing.
Something I was caught off guard with was the extra expenses of the program, which with a family of six, we really need to budget for certain things.
So when everyone was showing off their HRM(heart rate monitors) and how many calories they were burning, I started looking into purchasing one of those.
The brand most of the Revolters are using is Polar. Before Revolt Fitness, I had not even heard of the brand or even used one for that matter. These Polar HRM have different models, and colors, and prices. It can be very confusing for someone with no real knowledge of these types of fitness tools.
So, again I mention the Revolt private Facebook community. I asked which one I should get & why and the replies were exactly what I needed, honest reviews from people who are in the program.
I narrowed down options I needed/could live without and I decided a mid priced model ft7 which retails for around $100(higher models are $130-$150).
I found this one on Amazon.com but at $89, it was still too steep for me to swing financially. 
So I waited, and looked around at some stores, and waited,
 and then out of nowhere the price dropped another $20.
Again, another Revolter mentioned she purchased this model on Amazon the week before
and loved it. She said she got hers for $25, when I looked it was down to $16 so I snagged one of those too.  She said it was easy to use and accurate, which is definitely a bonus since people had reported the manual calipers to be hard to figure out. For those of you live in Utah, Nichole has hosted body fat measuring get-togethers. That's great to have an expert measure you so you know your numbers are correct, but for me....Georgia is a little far away.
I wouldn't have gone for the digital one because Nichole says they aren't as accurate, but since
there was someone in the group who had used it and said it was, I thought it was better than nothing.
Especially when I still had not received the manual caliper I had ordered a couple of weeks prior.
So I received my Polar ft7 HRM on Friday and my digital caliper should be here by Tuesday.
I am so excited to see the difference in using the correct tools and collecting the combined data to see my true progress!
 What is the number one tool you have found to be the most useful in your weight loss journey?
I'd love to hear what has helped you, for me I know seeing the progress will certainly help me stay on track and motivated.
Much Love



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