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Friday, April 5, 2013

Revolt Blogger ~ Week 4 ~ I am Getting Stronger!

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It's really an amazing thing to feel yourself getting stronger.
I've never been a big workout kinda girl. I mean, after Jackson was born
-boom, I went right back down to my pre-pregnancy weight without even trying. That was 14 years ago though, a lot has changed since then. But even when Sydney was born, almost 9 years ago, same thing just took a little longer- maybe 3 months. Again though, I didn't workout and I ate what I wanted.
Perhaps that has caught up with me over the years? I'm not sure but after Michaela was born my body didn't have enough time to lose the weight(even if I tried) before I was pregnant with Landon. I gained 40lbs with each pregnancy and have tried a few diets here and there after the last 2 were born, but none have stuck. Either that, or I haven't been able to fully commit.
My husband and I have been switching out the food we were used to purchasing with healthier options. Opting for about 80% being produce, trying to buy from Trader Joe's more often, and staying away from processed foods(pretty much anything that comes in a box). I think those small
changes have made a huge impact on our family.
But I still needed more, more direction, more exercise, more support.
That's where Revolt came in to play.
Nichole Huntsman has made me stronger,
with her daily video workouts-she has made my body stronger,
with her weekly meal plans-she has made me stronger/more aware about what food is OK or not,
with her facebook community-she(and all of the members) have helped me to not give up,
and that has made a huge difference because the support is like nothing I've ever had before with a diet or program.
These are Nichole's before and after pictures
I feel like I have improved so much in such a short amount of time(4 weeks to be exact).
My brain, body, and health are so much stronger as a result of this Revolt and
I am grateful to everyone who has been a part of it and made it happen!
I still have a ways to go, but I feel, for once that my goals are well within reach!
Much Love



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