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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Freezer Paper Stenciled Boys T-Shirts

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Super Cute, Super Easy! I made these for my nephew's 2nd birthday.
I was pretty impressed with how they turned out honestly.  If you have not yet tried to freezer paper stencil yet, let me warn you-once you do, you will be hooked.  =D
Look at how mine turned out.
The one on the top left is a saying my nephew says all the time, "Yeah baby, Go Baby" He's so cute.Then I did the lower left one because he loves zoo animals....I mean what kid doesn't right?
 I looked online for "silhouette images" of the certain animals I wanted and then traced them onto the freezer paper(shiny side down) through my computer screen.......yes yes, you do what you gotta do when you are not fortunate enough to have one of those nifty little machines that cut images and  just about everything else you could ever dream of. 
 I'm just waiting for them to add the "clean house" feature before I buy one lol
 Just joking, although I am super jealous and wish I had one ; )  
One day....I will have one to call my own.  
So I cut the images out very carefully with an x-acto knife(put something thick underneath) I used a piece of cork board with success. I had first tried a piece of cardboard under but the lines in it kept me from making clean lines, and I tried a wood cutting board too but had the same problem.  

Once the images were all cut out I heated my iron; use the cotton setting and no steam. 
Lay the cut out freezer paper images shiny side down on your shirt and iron over keeping the iron moving until a nice seal is formed(3-5 min).
 Make sure to put cardboard or a sheet of freezer paper inside your shirt to keep it from bleeding through to the back.
 I used the fabric spray paint and sprayed green  pretty heavily at the bottom, blue moderately across the middle, and orange heavy around the sun but very lightly tapering away from it and towards the sleeves. 
Loved this look! 
Once it dried overnight, I peeled the freezer paper off and 
The Recycle one I did slightly different. First I put the cut out image down, same as the animals from above; then sprayed green & blue all over.
 Once that dried, I pulled off that paper, then lightly ironed the "outside stencil"of the image(aka the leftovers of your cut out image) down on top of the shirt and slightly offset the image to my liking.
 I used black fabric paint and a painted it with a foam brush.  Once dry, I pulled it off and this is my favorite!
 I love how it looks all shadowy. 
 I cannot wait to see my little nephew in these shirts. Thank you to Dana over at MADE for my inspiration. 
 You really should try to make some for yourself! Great for kids of any age. Do you like em?


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  1. I love this. It seems like a very fun project. Thanks for sharing. Found you with the Lets Hear It for the Boys link party.


  2. I want a zoo shirt now!! Those are soooo awesome :).

  3. I love the recycle one, I want one for myself.

  4. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments!

  5. This is really neat! I still haven't tried freezer paper stencilling but those are great tips (like how to cut them out and what to use!). I didn't even know there was a such thing as fabric spray paint! Is that something you can find at Michaels or do you get it somewhere else? I really want to try these asap!

  6. @Jorie Welcome friend! Jorie, you so HAVE to try this! You will love the results. (Hopefully =D) The fabric spray paint can be found at Michaels' (that's where I got mine), JoAnne's, Hobby Lobby(should), any craft store really should have them. You can get them individually or in packs of 3. I choose one that had green, orange, & pink. Then I got a really pretty blue one by itself. Lots of fun, but make sure you put something in the shirt so it doesn't go through to the back of the shirt AND then put the shirt on a large piece of cardboard or put an old sheet down so you don't spray your floor. Lol. Hope this helps, I'd love to see your final results.

  7. These are too cool (and cute)! I have to try the fabric spry paint. Thank you so much for linking with air your laundry Friday, Iffy!



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