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Hi, I'm Cameron (aka Iffy), a stay at home mother to 4 beautiful children. My family is my life! I am not crafty by nature....but I am learning =D I will share my experiences with you(good & bad) with crafts, DIY, cooking, and life. I say what's on my mind, and remain honest, it's just who I am. Love it or leave it =D So follow me and see my progress as I document my journey, and If All Else Fails....at least you have gained a friend and gotten some great tips or maybe learned something new along the way!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Want to be a Guest Blogger??? Then you must read this!

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Hello all the lovely bloggers out there in the blog-o-sphere!
Would you like to be a guest blogger
Stay At Home Nation?

Each month I will select one blogger to have a guest post on my blog.
If you are interested then please email me and I will put you on the list!

 I will then contact the chosen guest blogger at the
start of each month & you can choose when in that month you would like to post
(I may even let you post a couple of times in your chosen month =D)

This is going to be a lot of fun! I can't wait to have you talented bloggers over!
Much love

How much does this cost? ~ Nothing, it's totally free. 
We both get more exposure from it.

What can my post be about? ~ Anything as long as it is a new post for you & not just a copy
paste from a previous post.  You can however spotlight things you have done on your 
blog, or 
post a new recipe or tutorial, 
or post a tip for saving money, design, beauty, 
just as long as it is clean & appropriate! 

How do I get on the running list? ~ Email me at ifallelsefailsthen@gmail.com & I
will add you.....simple as that =D

Do I have to enter every month? ~ No, just one email to me gets you on the list & as
long as you have an active blog when selected then you get to be my guest blogger! 
Pretty cool right?

What other things do the guest bloggers get? ~ Free exposure, a new friend & follower(moi),
possible blog hops(if someone wants to be my first blog hopper bud) 
maybe a special giveaway or so for guest bloggers only!

Who can be a guest blogger? ~ Anyone who has an active blog, and then you would
follow Stay At Home Nation  if you are selected to be a guest blogger. 
(it's the right thing to do if you're posting on my blog)

When does the awesomeness begin? ~ The first guest blogger will be posting in January,
and then a new one every month thereafter, 
so be sure to get on the list today by emailing me at

What kind of information do I need to email? ~ Your email address,
name, a link to your blog, & that you want to be on my Guest Blogger List.

Can I just leave the info in a comment below? ~ Sure but an email would be easier to keep organized. But go ahead if you insist-I'm very flexible.

What if I change my mind? ~ If I contact you, just let me know then. No biggie.



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