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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crafting Kiddies Sunday #2~ Spring Blossoms

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  Are you ready for a really fun, easy, family project that looks great on display?
Well grab your kiddies and some supplies and  let's begin!
This was  another craft we completed over the weekend, and I am really pleased with the results. 

I came across   this craft over at  Sew,Craft,Create
Such a cute little blog, check her out.
 First you will need:
 2 colors tissue paper(1 sheet each)
& a hot glue gun

I used 1 purple & 1 yellow for my colors.

Then I cut assorted sized squares from the tissue paper,
I put the purple sheet on top of the yellow so I would have matching sizes.

You can then either fold your second color in half forming a triangle,
or you can cut it in half from corner to corner to make a single ply triangle.
I folded mine.  
Now for the helpers
They loved this part!

Lay your triangle on top of your square & 
 hold a pencil(tip side) up
then place your 2 pieces of tissue paper(square on the bottom)
so that it's touching your pencil tip.
With your other hand pinch the tissue paper around the tip & twist slightly.
Take it off the pencil & twist just the bottom to secure your flower from unfolding.
Look at that concentration. 
While the kiddies made the blossoms,
I put a dab of hot glue on my twig where I wanted the blossom to sit.
For me, I wanted my blossoms at the fork in the twig.
Then quickly place the blossom in the hot glue
You may need to hold it until the glue starts to cool 
& you may want to twist it to make the blossom how you want it.
Then Michaela had a quick fit because I wouldn't let her have the hot glue gun......

Then she found a small twig

and used it as a brush

Here's how the finished project looked
In a vase(colors in this picture is how it looks in person)
with natural light
A single twig on the mantle is simple & pretty
Once I played around with the placement of them
I decided I liked them both on the mantle
Don't mind the empty space above....
that's where my next craft is gonna go.
I'm in the process of that one at the moment =D

The longest part of this craft was figuring out where I wanted them to go.
I'm a tad bit indecisive...I'm a Libra what do ya expect? Hehe

Isn't this just sweet & simple?


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  1. @Chameleon Girls Thank you! Me too , thanks for stopping by!

  2. I so love how you got your children in on all the fun...cute idea and what fun family time:) Thanks for coming to my party...hope you are having a fun time here.


  3. Saw you on Tip Junkie. What a cute, cute project to do with the kids...love it!

  4. @WhoWhatLogosThank you, yes my kiddos had so much fun! Give it a try, thanks for checking it out =D

  5. I LOVE this! I will definitely be adding this to my "to make" list! I am your newest follower and I would LOVE it if you would link it up to my new Inspire Me Mondays blog party @ http://www.homemakerinheels.com/2011/04/inspire-me-monday-week-1-is-here-come.html
    Have a great day!

  6. @Crystal Thank you so much! They were so much fun to make, I think you will love the end result too! Thanks for inviting me to your party too-what fun!

  7. I love this! what a neat idea :) I would love to try this for my home but I have no clue where I would put it either! hehe

  8. @Laura @ live.laugh.photographThanks! You really should try it, I love that you don't have to water them & they won't die in a week lol. Put em in a vase or a bookshelf...the possibilities are endless! Thanks for stopping by!


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